Xbox Series S Console Review - The second console for a second room - For now

Neil writes: "Coming in alongside the behemoth that is Xbox Series X, is the smaller, more delicate, more petite Xbox Series S - a glorious looking, proper all-digital Xbox. And you know what, it’s pretty much the perfect console. For a second room. For now."

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SullysCigar51d ago

They lost me at "glorious looking"...seriously?!

Father__Merrin50d ago

Why not a 1st console in your main room £249 bargain

darthv7250d ago

How are you liking it so far?

Father__Merrin49d ago

It's good no issues so far, if your not on a 4k TV yet and need a new console that's cheap you can't go wrong. I've only bought black ops next gen version it looks stunning tbh the rest I just install on external hdd

predex8449d ago

Because I dont want a slow last gen spec console in my main room. In fact, I dont need a 4TF console in 2021...

NotoriousWhiz49d ago

I wish my Switch was a 4TF console.

DaveZero50d ago

I love the console glad I bought it.

Father__Merrin50d ago

Tbh used with a external 500gb HDD it's not bad at all to manage. Fortnite install is 22gb wow

stupidusername50d ago

Same! It’s a great secondary console if you’re going to buy a PS5. Though I would never buy it as my primary console, if I did I’d buy the X.

Sayai jin50d ago

I have now brought 6 PS5s, 7 Series X and 4 series S for family, friends iends and myself. My friend's son and daughter are enjoying their series S. I'm enjoying my PS5 ans Series X...thag dual sense though!

zsquaresoff50d ago

Iam keeping my ps4 pro for my 2nd room

Hellcat202050d ago

Yup that's what I'll have it for is the bedroom console
Ps5 in the living room

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The story is too old to be commented.