New Star Citizen IAE 2950 Trailer is All About Origin as Crowdfunding Passes $327 Million

Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games released a trailer celebrating the opening of a new hall of the IAE 2950.

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xTonyMontana48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Are we getting a trailer now everytime their crowdfunding passes another million? Not that I can blame them, if I was scoring that sort of money as a developer, I'd be giddy too.

Rocketisleague48d ago

They have over 400 staff working for them, multiple dev teams focused on different areas of the game. 400 * 100'000 = 40 mill per year on wages. And thats a big guestimate based on lower to mid level US Software engineering saleries being 90 -100'000 dollars. Let alone the heavy hitting engineers and cost of development licenses tools etc.

Just saying, running a big company ain't cheap. 327 mill in total ain't much considering what they're spending it on.

Funny what hello games can do with a few devs compared ot this. Although no mans sky is well, its not very impressive when compared to this, in terms of physics, gravity, scale, quality etc..

Azurite48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

It's 600-700 employees now.

TheScotsman48d ago

Playable and finished is still better than alpha.

This game is a joke and you can spot the morons that invested in it when they on here cause the defend it so quick. It's a joke it's over hyped trash and yet people still giving these losers Thier money.

Viking_mo48d ago

How the blazes did they get another mil in a course of one day

Azurite48d ago

There's a special sales week, they've passed 330 atm, will be more than 331 in a few hours.