How 'buoyant' Sega Europe is helping Sega Sammy stay afloat

The publisher's Gary Dale and Tim Heaton say arcade closures and the call for voluntary retirement don't paint the full picture.

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phoenixwing50d ago

If you read the article sega europe is working on a fps. Don't know if that's new news or not

porkChop49d ago

Interesting. I think the last FPS they published was The Conduit. I don't know if they've ever developed an FPS in-house.

49d ago
ApocalypseShadow49d ago

This is nice but still not the Sega I knew back in the day.

The old Sega teams would have been able to port their hit arcade games to the home market with added depth and made money off of them before and during this pandemic. They would have been able to translate their hit arcade shooting games to VR like HoftD and Virtual Cop. They would have been able to release their classics on current consoles like Namco and Taito have for their classic games. Not just one off collections. They would have had new franchises all the time.

This new Sega is almost a forgotten household name. No flagship games. No excitement. Having to outsource with games like SoR. I'm wondering if even the teams they currently have share technology to help each other get better like Sony's teams do and what looks like, Microsoft wants to do with their teams.

Definitely not the old Sega. Can't even get a Shinobi or VF game. Sucks but hey. They're afloat. Which really doesn't mean much to me as an old Sega fan.

curtain_swoosh49d ago

yea i know what you mean. im an old Sega fan aswell and just seeing how... not well they are doing kinda breaks my heart, but theres nothing we can do about that.