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potatoseal57d ago

My mic automatically turns off whenever I log into the console. It's always on mute. You can do that in the settings.

That video is pretty cool though lol

SullysCigar57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Yeah, it's a cool option to capture a voice clip!

Lol I imagine that video was cut just before he shouted, " that's RIGHT MotherF***** "!

DivineHand12557d ago

I did not know it could do that. Thanks for the heads up. I always forget to turn it off.

DragonWarrior1957d ago

Yup. First thing I was planning to do when they said the controller would have a mic built in and was the first thing I did when I turned on the system.

LordoftheCritics56d ago

Its gonna hear a lot of humming and whistling, maybe some heavy breathing as well.

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oof4657d ago

Won't be long until someone posts on social media of getting a trophy to, "IF YOU DON'T TURN THAT GODDAMN THING OFF RIGHT NOW, YOU'RE GOING TO GET IT!"

Necr0philiac57d ago

That's cool as long as they warn you before hand. Otherwise it's scary. I'm tired of my phone listening to me

specialguest56d ago

4 years ago I would on a less frequent occasion get ads that made me think my phone was listening to me, because it wasn't something I searched for on my phone or PC. Now it's so damn blatant that it's listening to me to where I would immediately get an ad within 10 minutes of speaking about whatever it was. I'm!? How does it just randomly show me some obscure organic cereal brand I recently bought?

Kavorklestein56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

That one is actually your consumer profile that is based on purchases.
If an item has a unique name on a receipt, then it will be listed on your consumer ad profile for future ads or similar ads to be "catered to you" or just whatever they think you will be willing to buy.

specialguest56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

That seems to make sense. I used my Visa credit card to pay for it at the grocery store.
I'm assuming there's no way to opt out of this? Terrible

TheColbertinator56d ago

I'm sure Siri is tired of listening to you too

Masterchief_thegoat57d ago

when I beat maneater boss. i was screaming of joy. Man I love this game.

potatoseal56d ago

Ha nice one. Yeah maneater is such a c***t

buffig57d ago

I just beat it tonight. The only boss which posed any problem was Maneater. After that last boss on Sekiro, going back to demon's souls isn't the challenge it once was!

potatoseal56d ago

Try New Game + Trust me the difficulty jumps dramatically towrds the latter half

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The story is too old to be commented.