Leaked Assets from Capcom are the Proof of Resident Evil 4 Remake

The spoils of the huge Capcom hack continue to leak. Today, we have our first look at Resident Evil 4 Remake in the form of leaked assets.

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RaidenBlack1276d ago

I understand people want a sequel to RE3:Remake.
But is it old enough that it warrants a remake? Other than a bit older control scheme?
We have much older games those which can benefit more from Remake treatment.

Sonic-and-Crash1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

if they remove ridiculous melee moves , cheesy Bosses and the ridiculous Save-the-President-daughter plot ...RE4 Remake would have been very good , without departing too much from RE grounded sci-fi theme...Its gameplay was top notch

bouzebbal1274d ago

Re4 marked the downfall of the series.. I'm only looking forward to re8

Sonic-and-Crash1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

@Bouzebbal i completely agree about RE4 ..it is the start of the downfall...but you say you r waiting for RE8 ? are u serious? ...RE 7-8 are some separate FPS games that dont belong to RE series , so much alienated games are in comparison to the core theme ..how the hell you liked them

outsider16241274d ago

"Re4 marked the downfall of the series.. I'm only looking forward to re8"

Really? I thought RE4 was a masterpiece. Back in the days we were used to fixed cameras in RE. This came off as fresh surprise imo and a good one at that.

Now...RE5-6 on the other hand...

Vanfernal1274d ago

Thank you. I've always said RE4 is a great game... But a HORRIBLE Resident Evil game. The whole fighting a cult in a medieval castle to rescue the president's daughter, getting chased by the statue of an evil midget, running to mobs of 10 people and dropping them with a spinning kick... While all are fun it deviated too much from what Resident Evil was.

bouzebbal1274d ago


Yeah, not only RE7 went back to the roots with exploration, puzzles and limited supplies that I used to love, it's more scary than ever..
Where you are making a mistake is by calling it FPS.. RE7 is just FP. Shooting is not what it's about. I personally like it, and I imagine it was done because of the VR immersion..

It's my opinion, and I respect yours. For the same reasons I just wrote, Re4 didn't catch me. I did finish it on gamecube, but just because I bought it.. I haven't played any of the ports on any console, because that game have me a very sour taste. Yes it was successful, and they based the following 2 episodes on the same gameplay mechanics, but I think they should have kept them as spin offs pure action

CorndogBurglar1274d ago

"RE 7-8 are some separate FPS games that dont belong to RE series , so much alienated games are in comparison to the core theme ..how the hell you liked them"

I have to ask, did you play RE7? Because its by far thr most RE game since RE3. And I also have to ask how it goes against the "core theme"? The core theme of RE games has ALWAYS been about a biological weapon creating various monsters. Which is exactly what was going on in RE7. There was nothing supernatural or out of the ordinary from other RE games. The ONLY difference is it was a different perspective. But it was still 100% a survival horror game.
Creepy, clautrsophic environment
Backtracking in a house to find items and gain access to other areas
Extremely limited amount of weapons and ammo
Umbrella Corporation
An overworld boss that follows you around
Save rooms, complete with relaxing elevator music
Herbs and health spray for healing, that were alsonon short supply
A virus that was causing mutations

I mean, the themes couldn't be any more Resident Evil than they were. If you don't like the first person perspective thats fine. But making it first person doesn't automatically mean it now goed against all the themes of the series lol. Everything is still there.

Imalwaysright1274d ago


People tend to forget how stagnant the series was and how badly it needed change.

NukeDaHippies1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Are you an idiot? Thats what made RE4 brilliant. It wouldn't have been any where near as fun without the cheese. Same goes for many of the other games.

Your basically asking to remove everything thing good. Maybe they should remove the cool merchant too....

SirBillyBones1274d ago

RE4 is an amazing game and by far my favourite of the entire franchise. But yeah, removing the subplot would be welcomed.

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-Foxtrot1275d ago

I get that, Code Veronica was needed more

However I guess if they can keep RE4 a little more grounded then it'll keep in line with the other remakes, even though I know the remakes still dwell in the over the top areas in terms of plot and set pieces RE4 kind of took them a bit further. I mean a mechanical moving statue, Leon's super cool fight style, so on.

Long as they expand the areas, fine tune the plot and maybe have more areas where you can hide Ashley when she's with you, it'll be even better. Not to mention I'd like them to expand on Ada's side story more and even though I'm doubtful as it's Capcom, I would like them to add in an Ada side story to what happened to her after her fall in RE2, the Umbrella Chronicles had a nice little story they could adapt.

If they decide to remove things like the RE3 remake, and give us less content, I'd be annoyed.

starsi3601274d ago

RE4 was a great game in it's time, but if you put it side by side with the new RE2/RE3 remakes the technical difference is (understandably) huge.

If you take RE4, a game that is loved by many, give it the RE2 remake treatment and don't skimp or cut bits out... it could be a real smash hit.

RaidenBlack1274d ago

That's a given right?
You take any 2004 game and compare it to a 2019 game the technical differences are bound to be apparent.
But my argument was, is it old enough or better put archaic enough for it to be remade?
You can still get it on 8th gen consoles.
RE2, 3 perfectly fit the remake mandate. They were old.
In my opinion, games from 1998-2001 are better candidates for remake. Like Dino Crisis or Onimusha.
The remakes I anticipate are MGS, Chrono Trigger, Legacy of Kain etc ...

CrimsonWing691274d ago

Man, I replayed RE4 and I can say, for me, the game needs a Remake.

RaidenBlack1274d ago

The controls? Yea I know but still it's architecture still feels 'modern'. You can still get it on 8th gen consoles.
Its a 16 year old game. Differences are bound to be apparent.

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neutralgamer19921274d ago

Balance the difficulty or add difficulty options
fix/fill in the pot holes to make the story better
remove tedious/frustrating game designs from that era
save the president moments that made the game quite tedious/frustrating
fix the so many QTE's

TBH and i know this maybe not a popular opinion but if they do a great remake and fix all the small nitpicky issues RE4 could be even better

Dirty_Lemons1274d ago

The original Resident Evil got a remake after 6 years so aside from the numerous RE4 ports year after year, an actual remake might be quite good at this point. Still think CV would've been a better choice personally.

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Knightofelemia1275d ago

Hopefully the RE4 remake is a full game with nothing left out I don't mind if they added a few more scenes. If the RE4 remake takes the same path as the RE3 remake and have half the game cut out I am done with the RE franchise.

XiNatsuDragnel1275d ago

If touch RE4 I'll be sad but code veronica needs that treatment a lot more tbh.

PersonX1274d ago

Glad they are remaking this instead of code veronica, code veronica was the downfall of resident evil

Kavorklestein1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

I feel all the spin offs like Code Veronica and Revelations and such are toatally skippable and kind of unnecessary for my tastes, from what I've seen and played.
I just can't get into them and don't feel a pull to play them like I do with the main games in the series.

-Foxtrot1274d ago

RE5 was the start of the downfall

They took RE4, expanded on the things people didn't like about RE4 (action, big set pieces, horror drifting off in areas) and added co-op, forcing single player gamers with a terrible AI partner. They even split the game into proper chapters rather than just allowing a free flowing story in big hubs like RE4 where not even the merchant was in the levels, just an end of the level reward.

That was the fall of RE, not Code Veronica.

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