PSN Accounts Are Getting Banned For Borrowing PS5 Access

Players are having their PSN accounts banned for borrowing PS5s to access the PS Plus Collection, according to several forum posts.

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Snookies1254d ago

I'm confused, why is this good? It's not a lot of people's fault for not being able to actually buy a PS5 with this shortage. Why should the select lucky few be the only ones to get these games?

Nanukas54d ago

I think they didn't read it correctly or didn't understood it correctly

Snookies1254d ago

Also, I was literally going to do this with my friend's PS5. Now I'm nervous to even attempt it.

Nanukas54d ago

I think if it's only done by you, and not many people on same ps5 you will be good

ziggurcat54d ago

"Why should the select lucky few be the only ones to get these games?"

Why should you be entitled to PS+ Collection games when you don't own a PS5?


"I think they didn't read it correctly or didn't understood it correctly"

No, I read it correctly. The bans are warranted. And never mind the stupidity of giving your account information to complete strangers...

Teflon0253d ago

Because people were selling this opportunity to get these games through it meaning they were compromising their accounts

jukins53d ago

I dont think the pscollection is going anywhere. So to "sell" access is definetly wrong.

Lore53d ago

Won’t those individuals who eventually purchase a ps5 be able to get the games at that time? PS Plus collection is not going anywhere and those titles are going to be around for a long time

Muzikguy53d ago

This is a bonus for PS5 users and something Sony didn't even have to do. I can see why they are getting banned. Why do people always feel entitled to things these days?

REDGUM53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

The reason why it's good that people are getting a ban on thier accounts is because it's straight up wrong to take advantage of the offer for one. Secondly it's wrong to be selling you're accounts fullstop, it's essentially cheating.
Thirdly, this was an offer for players who did upgrade to ps5 to gave a little, or in this case, a large welcome pack to the next gen.

This was an incentive to purchase a piece of new hardware. If you had a ps4 still & couldn't find a ps5 to purchase due to shortages, having a block of games downloaded on ps4 "wrongly" would not invite you to upgrade for some time longer that you might have & for those who were lucky enough to upgrade, I'm betting they'd (ps5 owners) feel a little ripped off so to speak as they could have done the same.

I hope this doesn't impact the offer moving forward for new ps5 purchases like myself in the new year.
I'd be pretty passed if the offer was withdrawn due to taking advantage of it, before I was able to get my hands on one of, if not the best console in the world right now.

SinisterKieran53d ago

Well if they buy ps plus, they can add the games to their account that way.
And if they can’t get ps plus..they can BUY the games. The only one they can’t get on PS4 is demons souls

mikeslemonade53d ago

Lame by Sony, they’re like the only company I know where your not allowed to share.

Pughski53d ago

They're re-selling the games digitally. That's why they're getting banned.

northpaws53d ago


What a twisted thinking. So everyone who said they "tried" to get a PS5 should receive all the free games? How is that fair to people who actually spent the money and bought a PS5?

Bathyj53d ago

Whether it's your fault or not is irrelivent Plus Collection is for PS5 owners. Sony have that right to give early adopters a bonus and incentive. Loopholing around that devalues it.

mikeslemonade53d ago

^ it’s not only for the ones who are selling. You can get banned just by sharing accounts.

Teflon0253d ago

I legit share my account with my sister so she can use plus and download my games and play on her account. Sony has stated it's fine in the past. The problem is exploitation. If people do this and someone steals their account it's Sony they're going to cry to. The need to stop it before that happens. Not fair for them.

Also every modern console runs accounts essentially the same. Gotta stop reaching so hard lol.

Christopher53d ago

What I'm confused about is why people think the PS+ collection is a timed item. It's not. It's for **ALL** PS5 owners who also have PS+ subscriptions. It has no time limit. It just is. They announced nothing about it only being for November, it was just mentioned alongside November's PS+ games as well.

neutralgamer199253d ago


Because people are charging $10 or more per account and helping 50 plus people that is why it's good that those people are getting caught they have turned that into a business opportunity just like the scalpers

Muzikguy53d ago


You're really reaching here. You couldn't have forgotten the Xbox One and PS4 reveals already.

mikeslemonade53d ago

Nah me and a friend researched if we can share. I think they do check. Own household I think they let slide but a friend with a different system who lives somewhere else with a different username they may check.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Those users who are getting banned are creating multiple PS+ accounts and selling access to those accounts. It's against the TOS to share your account information with anyone other than people in your household. If you shoot yourself in the foot do you blame the gun or yourself?

For those of you who think the PS+ Collection should be available to all PS+ subscribers, Sony has stated numerous times that this collection was a bonus for those of us who bought a PS5. You don't get to change Sony's intent because you don't agree with it. That's not how the real world works.

itsmebryan52d ago

Well, if you do it now and get banned don't complain because you have been warned.

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porkChop53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

"Why should you be entitled to PS+ Collection games when you don't own a PS5?"

Because we're paying the same amount for PS+. Why should we be locked out of something we've paid for?

You could always claim PS4, PS3, and Vita games without owning the systems. There's no reason for it to be different now.

Sunny_D53d ago

Except you’re not. PS5 owners are paying not only for PS+ but they are also paying $4-500+ for that brand new PS5. Hence why it’s a benefit for PS5 users. It’s an incentive to buy the system.

Besides, the main reason Sony would want to shut them is because there’s people giving their info out to 50+ people and charging it for it which is abusing the system. Sony would no way allow that.

NeoGamer23253d ago

Then it should be a redeamable code when you buy a PS5.

Don't go and say it is a PS+ thing if not all PS+ owners can redeem it.

That is BS.

Christopher53d ago

***Don't go and say it is a PS+ thing if not all PS+ owners can redeem it.***

They specifically said it's for PS5 owners. And PS+ subscribers on PS4 are not being shafted because they are still getting the free PS5 games per month w/o a PS5 console as well as the two free PS4 games. This is a unique item that they are using to make sure new PS5 owners have games to play. Once any PS+ member gets a PS5, boom, it's there.

Trying to mental gymnastic this to being "it's for all PS+ subscribers" is just you not reading what Sony said it was from the get-go.

Muzikguy53d ago

The incentive for the new system is awesome by Sony


Come on man, it has been stated multiple times it's for PS5 users only. PS+ is Sony's way of also getting them in the system if they aren't already.

SyntheticForm53d ago

It's a perk for those that purchased the PS5. It's like any other exclusive, complementary, tier-based perk or benefit like a casino having a silver, gold, and platinum tier. To eat at the complimentary VIP buffet, you need gold tier status.

You didn't pay for what everyone else did, because you didn't buy a PS5.

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Stop talking. Things like game sharing and swapping accounts for various reasons has been a part of Sony’s consoles since the early day’s of the ps3. Even the switch allows for workarounds to swap titles between 2 consoles. Console manufacturers could easily put out updates to ban that sort of behavior if they wanted to, but it’s something they let slide and otherwise don’t acknowledge as an issue. Stop being so bitter just because you don’t take part personally.

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TheScotsman53d ago

Couldn't care less I got my ps5 and all those lovely games, if your gonna try and profit from it then to bad if you get banned, I don't feel sorry for you or care. Be an idiot, get treated like one.

King_Noctis53d ago

“Why should you be entitled to PS+ Collection games when you don't own a PS5?"

The problem with your statement is, how could people even own a PS5 in the first place since there are stock issues with Sony plus all those problem the scalpers? It’s not like people don’t want to purchase a PS5. Even myself (who by the way live in a third world country) couldn’t get a hold of one due to all these issues.

Extermin8or3_53d ago

Theb they'll get access to the collection when they do get hold of a a ps5 it isn't like Sony have said the collection is only available to those who buy a pa5 before x date.

ziggurcat51d ago

So? Your inability to get a PS5 at this time doesn't entitle you to those games.

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sourOG52d ago

A few mk trophies did pop. I apologize.

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ApocalypseShadow54d ago

Gamers doing bad things are wondering why their accounts are being banned.

Hmmm....I wonder why?

BioShockGX53d ago

That's not really a bad thing since they have plus and just want to access the games.

Games1st52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Plus subscribers got everything they paid for. Sony is taking a loss giving free games and maybe taking another loss on the console.

jznrpg53d ago

Just wait til you get a PS5 and there won’t be a problem

conanlifts53d ago

How long is PS plus collection available for though? If they guarantee it will be available for 12 + months then great. If not they should allow everyone to access the games due to supply shortages.

StoneyYoshi53d ago

They aren't offering it as a limited time. As far as we all know, it's there for good until sony says otherwise.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen52d ago

As long as you have PS+ and a PS5, you'll have access to the collection.

Welshy53d ago

They're basically re-selling digital games they were given for "free" with none of the profit going to Sony.

No matter where you stand on it being right or wrong, I've no idea why you'd expect to get away with this. That's not even mentioning the insanity and security risk of selling access to your account to strangers on the Internet.

Knushwood Butt53d ago

This, and I'm in the boat where I've been a Plus subscriber since the start yet can't find a PS5 so am somewhat annoyed at the whole situation even though I already have or had most of the games.

StoneyYoshi53d ago

They aren't going anywhere. You'll have access to them eventually.