Lost Planet Pricetag? $40 Million

According to today's Forbes profile on the company that published Keiji Inafune's epic shooter, Capcom is in deep about forty million bucks getting Lost Planet out the door, on store shelves, and into the minds of gamers.

Forbes details Capcom's executive VP of publishing in North America and Europe Mark Beaumont and his efforts to shake up the company's marketing. In the case of Lost Planet, advertising and awareness came to a cool $20 million. Combined with a $20 million development budget and you'll see where that $60 you plop down goes.

So where did that twenty mill go? Theater advertising, the two Xbox Live demos, TV spots, community funding-it all costs money. Apparently, a lot of money.

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DJ4275d ago

The CG trailer was so damn good. Almost thought it was a preview for a movie until I saw the title. It's crazy that the advertising cost as much as the game itself.

hardwood20014274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

Hey "DJ" check your PM In/Outbox because I sent you mail yesterday.
By the way is there anyway of being notify of PM'S?

Also if a $40 million dollar budget for a specific game and system does not show you confidents in the Xbox 360, than nothing will...

gogators4275d ago

but I thought some of the really hectic scenes where miss-leading. I have a good 200 plus online matches in and some boards are very intense, but not like the commericals.

I just can't believe how much money this game has cost with marketing. I hope it does well, cause I wouldn't mind some more content and a Lost Planet 2 someday. It's got a learnign curve, but once you've got it down it's much better than what some reviews give it.

zonetrooper54275d ago

I wonder how much Gears of War and Halo costed to advertise?

Shadow Flare4275d ago

I wonder how much microsoft spends on advertising the 360

shotty4275d ago

I'm sure they made some of that back from the exclusive deal with microsoft. They sold over a million copies on launch of this game so they are bound to sell atleast 2 million copies worldwide. Lets say they make $40 per game sold x 2 million copies and thats a cool $80 million dollars, plus the money made from DLC and also from microsoft's exclusive deal.

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The story is too old to be commented.