Cyberpunk 2077 Devs Comment on Multiplayer, Bugs, Season Pass, & More

CD Projekt RED hosted a financial conference call with several interesting snippets of information about Cyberpunk 2077 and its future.

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ArchangelMike54d ago

Very interesting, well worth the read. There's much more in the report, but the highlights for me:

- Digital Sales at more than 50% of pre-orders
- Review copies being sent out in the next two weeks
- Performance on base consoles is lower
- No date yet on review embargo
- Not talking about Multiplyer until Q1 2021
- Keanu REeves has played the game, and loves it
-There was no negative impact form the gameplay leak

RebelWAC54d ago

My biggest highlight:

13 days left to go!

notachance54d ago

this is the first game I preordered since ME3, can't wait

GrizToof54d ago

The reviewers are getting their copies pretty late it seems. Not exactly sure when this took place im just looking at your comment. Two weeks from now the game will already be out lol, im guessing this was said at least a week ago, otherwise late review copies get me worried, Its a strategy used sometimes when they know their game won't score well. In CDPR's case I'd imagine they would want reviewers to play it with the day 1 patch included.

ArchangelMike54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

TBH I thought the same, but as you can see from the transcript the translation is pretty spotty in alot of places. It could have meant "within the next two weeks..." But I did raise an eyebrow when they refused to say when the review embargo will lift. So yeah, they probably haven't sent out review copies yet - which is quite late in the day for a game that can take over 100 hrs to complete. Makes me wonder if they are still bug fixing and patching the game, and want to send the most clean version to reviewers.

53d ago
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neutralgamer199254d ago

Waiting till next generation release to play the final version with all the update/patches because even witcher 3 needed many quality of life patches. And forget about factual reviews because most have bought into the hype so they can't be fair towards this game

wwinterj54d ago

The PC version will still be better if you want the best version so I'm not sure what you mean by "final version" and it will be current gen updates not next gen. On that note if I wanted the best looking and performing of most games I'd be gaming on the PC. These type of comments from consoles players has always baffled me and yes I have this pre ordered on a console.

Angrymorgan54d ago

Not every person who wants the best possible graphics and performance can afford a high end pc that matches next gen consoles, ill be waiting for the ps5 version because I want the better console version, I could go and spend a few grand on a pc if I wanted but I don't use my consoles enough as is.

northpaws54d ago

Blah blah blah.... PC.... Blah blah... PC... PC PC PC.... zzzZzzZzzZzz

Fact: PC gamers can't fall asleep as night unless all console gamers admit that PC is the master race.


I'll be playing this on my PC. But you can get a ps5 for the cost of my GPU

tombfan53d ago

I would loooove to have "the PC final version" and play it on it's greatest glory, the Truth is that a PS5 costs 500dlls and a PC that could run that game so high is on the $1,500 minimum.

JackBNimble53d ago

Ya if your pc is Jacked then it might be better but those are few and far between

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ArchangelMike54d ago

The previews seem to be fair in calling out the bugs, and the fact that the combat is a but weak etc. But it's a game that ppl have already made their minds up about, so I really don't think review scores are going affect the popularity of this game, either way.

NeoGamer23253d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Ya, I really hate games being scored based on hype vs. actual work and reviews. There are many IPs, Development Studios, and Publishers where as soon as they announce a game it is a 10 in people's minds.

I prefer to rate games based on what I actually see. I have been really tempted to pre-order this one, but have so far managed to wait and see based on reality.

That said, I can't wait for it to release, so that I can assess and decide.

tombfan53d ago

Doing the same, I'll wait for the next gen true release, I want to play it with true optimized PS5 settings, and patches, I can wait a few more months.

Bnet34353d ago

All signs point to CyberGOAT 2077! Almost there!

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