Super Smash Bros and Nintendo's Community Problem

Following a cease and desist for a Melee community tournament, it seems Nintendo will never truly "get" all their fans.

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oof6781547d ago

Meh. Smash is not just defined by the competitive scene. This isn't what makes it a great game.

Teflon02547d ago

People making excuses for Nintendo is the problem imo. There's no reason they need to be stopping tournaments. Just like how they control YouTubers that want to post Nintendo content.

curtain_swoosh546d ago

reviewers too, if you dont give them a score in a specific range, they blacklist you. not even kidding

phoenixwing546d ago

Totally explains all the high scores for nintendo now.

NotoriousWhiz546d ago

@curtain, sad that it's now completely okay to just make up stuff and pretend it's real.