Cyberpunk December Release Confirmed 3 Times Q3 Earnings Report

Today CD Projekt Red released its Q3 earnings report to its investors. Inside it confirms not once, not twice, but three times that the much anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 will absolutely, unquestionably, irrevocably launch on the most recently promised date of December 10th 2020. This comes against a host of reports of the game, and its PS4 footage recently witnessed in the wilderness. Surely, then this really must seal the deal.

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ArchangelMike1041d ago

It would be so funny, if the game gets delayed again.... it most likely won't, they'll release it and continue to fix whatever needs fixing. No doubt there will still be a number of bugs that will need squashing post release, and the day 1 patch is already confirmed.

I'm hyped for the game, but I have to say that after the initial previews, my expectations have been tempered somewhat. It's not going to be the second-coming - I accept that, but all I'm asking is that it will be a deep, and richly engaging RPG experience. And in that regard, it doesn't look like CDPR will disappoint.

alextdarling1041d ago

In regards to your comment on the previews, in my opinion it seems that CDPR are holding back on plot points and extended content. The hype for this game already is ludicrously high, they don't want to boost it to the point that they're shooting themselves in the knee.

Im getting this on Day 1 and will get the next gen upgrade so I'm super curious to see the development of this game over time.

ArchangelMike1041d ago

Yeah, I actually don't want to know anymore about the srory until I get hands on with the game. I my opinion CDPR has shown too much already, especially about Jonny Silverhand, and those playable sections. I would have been cool to have been surprised by that in-game. Yeah, I'll be getting this on PS5 so hope that it is polished and good to go. I mean, it's been 8 years already.

EazyC1041d ago (Edited 1041d ago )

Imagine you just put the disc in, load it up, and a familiar bright yellow screen pops up:

" Dear Fans,

We have some important news to share with you. Cyberpunk 2077 is being delayed inevitably.

We thank you for your patience,

ArchangelMike1040d ago

That would be funny, but there literally would be a riot. 🤣🤣🤣

phoenixwing1041d ago

Pc version for me. Going to take me a day or two to download though.

Olly_S1041d ago

I can't decide if I'll go PC for higher spec and small screen, or PS4 and the big boy TV. Either way, it's launch day for me too.

phoenixwing1041d ago (Edited 1041d ago )

I chose pc because I don't plan on buying a ps5 until years later so the upgrade won't mean much down the line. This game looks like it takes a good amount of attention to play so I'm going to play at my desk on a pc. Plus I can't deny that my pc is miles more advanced than my ps4 pro when it comes to graphics. I hope you enjoy it. You should make a decision soon though it's almost here.

Nuvem1041d ago

At this point, 3 confirmations are not enough confirmations.

DragonWarrior191041d ago

I think I'll be skeptical even when I'm holding the case in my hands walking out of the store.

Nuvem1040d ago

I fear that after inserting the disk you may get a message saying "You may play the game when it's ready!" and a 60 day timer will appear.

SDuck1041d ago

It's way past the point of another delay. They could've delayed it after this last delay's announcement but now they've built our hype back up so another delay would greatly damage CDPR financially

1041d ago
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