When is death in a game about more than dying?

Character death is one of the most common elements across videogames and most treat it in the same way: you lose a life or you lose some progress and are sent back to a checkpoint. This rings true for everything from Mario to the Last of Us, Gears of War to Resident Evil.

In this episode Indie By Design look at the ways that death in games can be, and are, made interesting and why it's important that something so ubiquitous be given a little extra focus.

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BrainSyphoned50d ago

When the game is called Death Stranding.

GreenDragonCVR50d ago

Interesting subject. Perhaps death is ultimately samey in games, after a few gens of messing around, to retain both risk and progression, though some neat experimental approaches (and plenty of permadeath modes) do exist. Death Stranding (mentioned in another comment) actually is a good example: its feels less like a handwavey dismissal of the conceit, to die and have your corpse destroy your highway as it explodes, even as you return from the dead for a narrative reason.

Nice site and episode cheers