Budget Next-Gen: Xbox Series S review

The Xbox Series S serves as an affordable entry point into the Xbox ecosystem without breaking the bank.

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Locutus_of_borg57d ago

I couldn’t get a series x so I settled for a series s until I can acquire one , don’t get me wrong it’s a great piece of kit ... I’m more than pleased with it and I sold my one x to help pay for it ... no regrets at all from me

ChristianReggieWait57d ago

Same situation as me more or less. It's a brilliant piece of kit for the price!

phoenixwing57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

the main thing to be glad about is you're ready for next gen. maybe not the exact best hardware but at least you can play all the games. I assume you got gamepass which is a pretty good deal.

edit: Also if anyone tries to make you feel bad for buying a ss they're pretty scummy because not everyone is made of money or opportunity to buy the series x/ps5

ChristianReggieWait57d ago

Accessibility and inclusivity is key this generation. Frankly Xbox is nailing both points.

iain0457d ago

I opted for the series s All Access to be used as a second console. Impressed with the little fella so far. If MS comes good with the console exclusives I will invest in series x in 2 years time.