Japanese hardware sales, Jan. 22 - Jan. 28: fear the facts edition

With the majority of consoles still showing a decline in sales this week, it has become abundantly clear that Japanese gamers have finally identified what's most important in life -- that would be living. This realization is, of course, accompanied by a strong need for these enlightened gamers to distance themselves from that which most threatens their ability to live.

- DS Lite: 194,526 66,879 (52.39%)
- Wii: 83,754 2,641 (3.06%)
- PSP: 35,700 1,332 (3.60%)
- PS2: 20,995 826 (4.10%)
- PS3: 19,996 1,109 (5.25%)
- Xbox 360: 7,365324 (4.60%)
- Game Boy Micro: 1,177 687 (36.86%)
- GBA SP: 1,023475 (31.71%)
- Gamecube: 347 207 (37.36%)
- DS Phat: 8241 (33.33%)
- GBA: 34 60 (63.83%)

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testerg354904d ago

and what's sad is that Sony fans will spin this bad report as "PS3 selling 3X as much as 360"! I have a PS3 and a 360 and this is bad news.

FeralPhoenix4904d ago (Edited 4904d ago )

Hey you guys should make sure you read the link, joystiq has some funny comments about just how "evil" videogames are.

Frankly I think everyone expected sales to drop after the holidays and the hype....but I don't think anybody expected them to drop to this level so quickly...not that the Japanese market has dropped alot for this week alone, but they have steadily declined over the last few weeks for the Japanese market as a whole when you add the numbers up. I don't think M$ is happy with that small increase at 4.6%, but when you doing so badly in any one market, you have to take any "plus" you can get.

TheMART4904d ago

PS3 is doomed now. Selling under 50 to 60k a week in Japan, so short after the launch is a nightmare.

And the 360 selling at about 40% of the PS3 sales is huge for MS.

Wii is king, just like I expected.

Wii - Japan
360 - rest of the world

Simple as that

calderra4904d ago

Surprisingly rational post today, MART. But the Wii is continuing to dominate... for now. It's going to run severely dry on games and even dryer on third-party support this year though (rumor: only 70 games in development- period). Whether Wii can truly prove itself as more than a gimmicky system still remains to be seen in the larger console war.

But for now, Wii looks to outsell 360 by a wide margin. And DSLite... doesn't even make sense.

And remember: Basically the only different between this chart and the US at this point is that Xbox 360 > PS3 everywhere else- because Nintendo rules in ALL territories.

Munky4904d ago

We still have to see how the PS3 does when it launches in the UK.

r10004904d ago

Yes we do need to see how the PS3 does and UK... Oh and lets not forget that are basically no great games for the system yet....even that said it's still selling...

Wait till the real games are released before anyone can say the ps3 is doomed...

Munky4903d ago (Edited 4903d ago )

That neither MS or Ninty are going to stand still and wait for Sony to catch up. Everybody is going to keep moving forward, like it or not it is going to be much harder for Sony to dominate like they did last gen. In the end it's a good thing for gaming, competition breeds innovation and hopefully great games. With everybody pushing each other gamers everywhere will benefit. Happy gaming peeps. Peaz

eques judicii4903d ago

but i don't think that many people expected the 360 to continuously sell more than 1000 each week let alone 5000 and it has for the past 2 months. The other thing I don't think people expected was the severe drop off that the ps3 has experienced.

TheMART4903d ago

You forget one thing...

The Wii is selling, because of it's price level but also added that many parents bought it as a present. The rest of the year, grownups spend their money, kids don't have enough to buy the stuff themselves.

Grown ups that are real gamers, want next gen HD graphics, which the Wii doesn't offer. Even if the Wii keeps up the good sales for some months the decline will come sooner or later. Just because the system ain't futureproof at all. The controller is funny, but it doesn't make up for the Gamecube system specs that don't make any better graphics then last gen XBOX 1.

It simply doesn't. It's fun gaming. But it's not real next gen HD gaming. It's like a fun gaming device to have besides a real next gen system.

PS3 launch in UK... without football/soccer on it? English people are so into that game. Which is only on the 360... With Sony fans are always saying: wait untill this, wait untill that... Nope. It's right here, right now!

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