Bright Memory Xbox Series X Review - Noisy Pixel

Noisy Pixel reviews Bright Memory from developer FYQD and publisher Playism available now on Xbox Series X.

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gamer780458d ago

disagree with this review, its about a long demo length at about an hour, but its a ton of fun. Sure its incoherent because its a bunch of ideas, but the gameplay is pretty good and very fun, moreso than alot of fps games out there like call of duty. It also looks really good, aside from some of the npc facial animations. Absolutely worth a try before the full game comes out next year.

DJStotty58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Please note, the reviewer is reviewing Bright Memory (released 2019), not Bright Memory Infinite as showcased at the Series X event.

"However, after finally playing a verticle slice of the adventure, I wish I would have waited until Bright Memory: Infinite."