Sony is developing a PlayStation 5 VR headset with LED lighting and haptic feedback

Earlier this month, Sony released the highly anticipated PlayStation 5 and PS5 Digital Editions . A new PlayStation VR headset will take a while, in the meantime Sony has made the PS5 compatible with the existing PSVR headset of the PS4. By requesting a free PlayStation Camera Adapter , you can use the existing PlayStation camera in combination with the PS5 console to enjoy VR games.

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Bigman4k63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

I hope so i dont want sony to give up on psvr like they did with ps vita i been enjoying some psvr on ps5 with my favorite vr game of course resident evil 7

Babadook763d ago

I always knew Sony was smart enough to not push a new VR headset so soon, especially alongside a new gen console. Expect PSVR 2 next year or the year after. Its not just about making money, its about an innovative product, and Sony supports those endeavors too.

Bigman4k63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

We'll see i just think more big AAA games like hitman 3 and resident evil 8 (fingers crossed) are really needed to help psvr/psvr2 stick around for years to come

buffig63d ago

Based on Jim Ryan's comments regarding nothing being revealed next year, I imagine we'll see PSVR 2, released around Christmas 2022. Gives Sony a couple of years to establish a potential customer base. And I'll be first in line!

SullysCigar63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

^ buffig, I didn't take Jim's comments to be on when to expect the next headset, though, as he seemed to be speaking about when he thought VR would be bigger within the industry?

One thing's for sure, he wasn't clear either way and should frankly be more careful with his messaging lol

I do know this much: PSVR2 day 1! Been loving my VR for ages now and it just keeps picking up steam in terms of quality AND quantity of releases. This year has been mental!

Sitdown63d ago

Smart enough? My gosh, it's common sense stuff. For all we know is not even ready yet. And they are a company about making money, so that is the case, and being innovative often helps with that.

Babadook763d ago (Edited 63d ago )


Nothing you said is mutually exclusive to what I said, yet your tone made it seem like you are taking issue.

Are you saying it was common sense that psvr 2 would not launch with ps5 even from 2 years ago?

Are you saying Sony would launch the psvr2 now if it was possible to have it ready now? That would seem to contradict your first point.

Are you disagreeing with Sony not *just* being about making money? Or that they do occasionally support products that don’t offer as big a return of investment?

63d ago
Babadook763d ago (Edited 63d ago )


PSVR, when launched, was the best headset in many ways. Not low end at all. It launched with great software unlike the PC versions. I expect the new one to be revolutionary as well.

SullysCigar63d ago

^ @Babadook7, Bubble23 appears to be the latest Spam/troll account, created a couple of hours ago, pay no mind.

You're spot on though about PSVR at launch, it had the best refresh rate, least screen door effect and was (and still is!) the most comfortable by far. Oculus Quest 2 is an improvement over the first in most ways, but it's only about as powerful as a PS3 untethered and is barely even usable without the extra strap that costs another $50!

SO much has happened though since PSVR launched and Sony - as the market leaders - will have been drinking it all in. PSVR2 is going to be insanely good with what they've learned first hand and from watching the other headsets release since!

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Blank63d ago

I doubt they will give up on it. If anything this is sign that they are pushing forward with it. What is important is if it will be backward compatible with the OG psvr library, which I expect it to be.

CaptainHenry91663d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Sony knows how to innovate their Playstation devices every new generation. I'm looking forward to the next VR heatset

alb189963d ago

I think is a good move. I didn't buy the VR but I know it has feature and I am very curious about it.

alb189963d ago

On this interview Ryan said that it won't happen anytime soon.

SullysCigar63d ago

What won't though? Because that's what all the discussion has been about.

It wasn't 100% clear but the consensus is that he seemed to be talking about VR becoming mainstream, i.e. being adopted by the casuals and a massive console-style install base. When you look at the context of the conversation, is does suggest that and we know they have LOADS of patents for headsets and Move controller replacements.

I think PSVR2 announcement will come once the PS5 launch is out of the way and they're able to meet demand. It can be used to further boost PS5 sales if launched alongside GT7, RE8 and Half Life: Alex, for example. Fingers crossed, eh?!

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Petebloodyonion63d ago

Sony themselves have acknowledged that they would not give up on VR despite the product still being niche but it will take a while before we see something new on that front.

For my part my favorites PSVR games are
1) Resident Evil 7 (the reason I bought PSVR in the 1st place)

2) Wipeout Omega collection

3 Astro Bot Rescue Mission

4) Rush Until Dawn

5) Beat Sabers

Phoenix7663d ago

My favourites are firewall, NMS, star trek bridge crew, astrobot, res7 and superhot. Enjoyed omega collection and rush. Blood and Truth has also been a great title

Mr_Luke63d ago

I would add Moss, i loved that game. And i liked Here They Lie too, for a bit of jumpscares and adrenaline :P
Oh, Blood and Truth too!

CrimsonWing6963d ago

Day 1 buy for me. I hope it’s wireless

Lionsguard63d ago

Yeah totally agree. I went wireless with my original Vive and going back to PSVR is absolute hell. I can't turn and the wires are always snagging. It absolutely must be wireless or at least given the option.

cannon880063d ago

Most likely going to be wireless. PS5 has Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1 so it will greatly help.

SullysCigar63d ago

Agreed, the option would be perfect.

CrimsonWing6962d ago

Not sure if you checked out the Quest 2, but that’s exactly how Sony should do it. You can use a link cable to get more power from the console.

Atticus_finch63d ago

Sony steady moving gaming forward.

BenRC0163d ago

Psvr was great fun but proved it will never be more than a novelty. Had one since launch and it was barely touched other than when friends came over. Psvr 2 will be fun again but think I'm over vr now.

Atticus_finch62d ago

I have 3 younger family members who use mine almost daily. A very awesome novelty I would say.

CrimsonWing6962d ago

Play RE7 in VR and tell me it’s just a novelty.

1nsomniac63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Can’t wait to replace my original PSVR. Astro Bot and Blood and truth were great games but the whole system was let down so badly by Sony’s incompetence to provide a proper VR controller. The whole system feels too dated now. I’d really like some PS4-ps5 VR updates when PSVR2 comes along November 2021. Got a massive collection of games but it makes me feel so sick when I play it. Hopefully a smoother experience will make that easier.

The_Sage63d ago

Take ginger pills before you play. I get terrible motion sickness. For some reason they help. No more sickness.

traumadisaster63d ago

You got down votes being honest with compliments and criticism but for the immature of the lot couldn’t respect that’s how adults get on.

This world has been consumed by pushing agendas rather than responsible discussion.

SullysCigar63d ago

In fairness, he made so many statements it's easy to see how people would agree or disagree based on their own experiences. I've never experienced motion sickness due to a game. My brother-in-law can't even watch someone else play COD on a TV without wanting to barf!

The other thing was calling out Blood & Truth and Astro Bot for their controls - B&T is straight up one of the best uses of the Moves and was a very clever implementation. Astro Bot controls perfectly and doesn't even use the Moves lol. It's DS4 only!

Furthermore, PSVR is the only headset that allows the option to use a standard controller and it's amazing in games like Astro Bot, Statik, RE7. PSVR is also the only VR that allows use of a gun and the AIM controller was designed by Sony in conjunction with the developers of Farpoint. The AIM is flat out the best way to play FPS in VR.

So it's deeper than disagreeing due to an agenda, because some things were either inaccurate or a matter of opinion - that said, I think you'll struggle to find anyone arguing that the Moves themselves are long overdue a refresh - with some bloody STICKS, please!

CrimsonWing6962d ago (Edited 62d ago )

That’s how opinions are, maybe those people tried ginger pills and it didn’t work for them so they disagreed. You can’t be so sensitive on here about disagrees. People disagree with me on here all the time. It’s just life, man.