Sunset Overdrive Is the Most Underrated Game of the Generation

Insomniac Games' Spider-Man gets a lot of attention, but Sunset Overdrive on Xbox One is the most underrated game of the console generation.

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greysun12351d ago

still waiting for this to one day come to a PlayStation console

lifeisgamesok51d ago

I'd love a Sunset Overdrive 2 for PS5

neutralgamer199251d ago


Sony won't stop insomniac but I don't know if at this time insomniac wants to revisit this IP. Our best hope is a remastered version of the first game with all the content and improvements/tweaks

51d ago
darthv7251d ago

IG could quickly whip up a version that takes advantage of the DS controller and 4K/60 performance of the PS5. Then hit everyone with a full on part 2 that we have been waiting for. IG had the sequel all planned out.

JustTheFax51d ago

Was playing at 4k/120 last night on pc...looked amazing! It would be awesome on ps5/xsx with a texture pack update.

neutralgamer199251d ago

I am with you I hope sony let's bluepoint handle the remaster because they can do it quickly before their next big project

SierraGuy51d ago

Didn't MS publish this game?

neutralgamer199251d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Insomniac owns the IP and sony owns insomniac. Also this way sony can get real data on what's the interest level around this IP since it didn't do well on xbox

badz14951d ago


MS published it but the IP still owned by Insomniac and now ironically Sony's. I said "ironically" because they went to Xbox because they wanted the IP ownership as they don't get that with PS, but in the end, Sony bought them and the SSoD IP too.

Sayai jin51d ago

It's a good game. I hope mpre gamers get to play it. I would replay a remastered version.

Nuetral, agreed. It's all a out who owns the rights and developers. People meed to keep this in mind.

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Sonic-and-Crash51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Most underrated ?? ...have you heard the Last Guardian and Gravity Rush 2

remixx11651d ago

Yup especially GR2, game is incredibly unique

51d ago
Nyxus51d ago

I did like it, but for me the most underrated game of last gen is probably The Order 1886.

lifeisgamesok51d ago

I agree The Order 1886 and Days Gone for PlayStation are the most underrated

Ryse and Quantum Break for Xbox

Also Ghost of Tsushima should've been a 90 scored game IMO

giovonni51d ago

Ryse and Quantum break were great games Those two need sequels

Petebloodyonion51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

The things that pissed me the most about Quantum Break is on how the media already had their opinion about trashing the game instead of reviewing it.
The worst offender was Peter North from Gamespot that basically trash the game
then proceed to praise Control as one of the best game.
The funny thing was that the same flaws he saw in QB became great strengths in Control.
( The broken fighting mechanics became great, collecting stuff now fun, the arena fight a joy).

Shane Kim51d ago

None of those games were underrated.

SpeedDemon51d ago

GoT aside, If anything I'd say those were overrated titles that recived more praise than deserved just because they're were hyped up exclusives. I mean have you even played Ryse? Apart from the graphics there isn't anything good about it.

soggyfalcon51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

If anything Ryse is overrated. It’s a 6 hour game with 3 enemy types recycled over and over with simple reskins.

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Rude-ro51d ago

I loved the order... but it was not underrated.
The gameplay needed more life and diversity via what was offered.
Huge potential with little effort to correct,,but the game deserved the low scores.

I want a sequel very badly... but you still have to call out the issues to take it to the next level.

RavenWolfx51d ago

I really enjoyed it. I am disappointed it hasn't had a sequel.

hulk_bash198751d ago

Hopefully its able to find new life on the PS5. It definitely has the potential to be a successful franchise.

potatoseal51d ago

Most underrated is Days Gone. Well... at least most underrated by critics. PS fans love it

lifeisgamesok51d ago

I was so glad that most of us PS guys supported Days Gone and found it to be a great game

Petebloodyonion51d ago

The critics decided that it was thrash the moment they saw the game.
" Another generic white male protagonist"
" Do we need another Zombie game"
" Another open world game set in a apocalyptic era"

I remember saying multiple times before the reviews that the game would score an average 6-7 because the media already decided that it was trash in a similar way to Quantum Break.

lifeisgamesok51d ago

Yeah, both games were slammed with negativity early on

Nofamboyism51d ago

days gone was good , sunset overdrive was great , godfall ?...should have been named god-awfall

Jericho133751d ago

Do you love it because it's a good game or because it's an exclusive? Because I can't envisage you bashing any game made by Sony.

Chriswheeler2251d ago

I love it because it was a great game. Not perfect by any means, a solid 8/10 on ps5 imo.

potatoseal51d ago

Days Gone is friggin awesome. I did every single thing possible in that game and I'm waiting eagerly for the sequel. Does that answer your question numb nuts?

Jericho133750d ago

Have I touched a nerve petal? 🤣

Maybe next time don’t generalise the PS fan base - they didn’t all like the game. Plus you don’t have to be a PS fan to like this game either.

So yeah, moronic comment.

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