Metro Exodus Announced for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, New Metro Game in Development

4A Games' update about the Metro series, multiplayer, new IP, porting for Mac, Linux, next generation consoles, history of the studio, and plans for further interactions with the community.

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RaidenBlack56d ago

A next-gen exclusive Metro with a completely overhauled game-engine and collab with Saber for Metro multiplayer.

NeoGamer23255d ago (Edited 55d ago )

There are two types of game developers now-a-days.

The types that unlock their framerates, resolution, and use the hardware to put out a new version that is free to gamers for their games this generation.

Then there is the ones that do the same, but add a few improvements and sell the game for the new generation.

I can't believe gamers encourage developers to use developer resources to make changes to games and resell them for the new generation vs just redirecting their entire development team to the new game. Gamers complain they don't get new content, then go and buy this stuff and give it 8-10 out of 10 on reviews. Simply stupid.

Army_of_Darkness55d ago

They smart bro, they know series x/s gamers don't got much to play lol

DEEHULK8855d ago (Edited 55d ago )

I mean the only difference I see is Spiderman
Most of the games that are topping the charts are on both systems. You can try to keep that XO narrative going with XSX but soon it will come back to bite you. I have both systems, but I know the games that are play are same ones they played when the last gen came around. Cod, Assassin's creed etc.

NeoGamer23255d ago

What does XB have to do with this? Metro Exodus is releasing on PS5 as well.

DMC5 is another example of charging for a next gen version.

Call of Duty. LOL. You can't buy a standard edition version for the next gen, you have to but the Deluxe or greater version to get a next gen version.

Also, you have to buy Spider-man MM to get the other Sony Spider-man game for next gen. So Sony is milking that nicely. Charging gamers for a spin-off game and then an additional charge for the last gen Spider-man upgrade.

And Sony is selling Demon's Souls at full price even though it is really a graphic and audio remake vs a full re-imagining of the story like Final Fantasy VII and RE2 were.

If gamer's want new content then they have to support good behaviors and not reward bad behaviors by publishers. I don't care what the publisher is named. This has nothing to do with Sony, XB, console war stupidity, etc.

chrisoadamson55d ago

To be fair PS launched with two new games lol I mean 2 resolution improved cross generation games.

NeoGamer23255d ago (Edited 55d ago )

PS5 launched with 2 new games, 1 demo game, and 1 remake...

Sackboy, Spider-man MM, Astro's Playroom, and Demon's Souls Remake.

To me, that is a good console launch. But, that doesn't mean I just blindly follow Sony like many people on this site seem to do. To me it was a good launch not a spectacular launch.

What I am more impressed with is they are saying R&C, GT, and Horizon are all schedule for early 2021. Plus Destruction All-Stars in February. Although that is still a bit dubious to me as they have dated Destruction All-Stars but not the rest of the games. I hope the Game Awards will clarify that.

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Fishy Fingers55d ago

They're probably just porting and optimising the PC build that (highly spec-ed) PC gamers have had since 2019.

I highly doubt it takes the majority of the studio (slowing any dev on any new project) and its an easy flip for them, whats to complain about?

DEEHULK on crack though.

Sirk7x55d ago

It's smart. Doesn't take alot of work compared to a new title, and video game media is going to cover graphical differences, giving it attention. Also, with BC, why wouldn't people want to play better looking versions of these games? I still haven't gotten around to playing Exodus, despite loving the first two games, but I will after the Series X version launches.

the_dark_one55d ago

Nice. Hope its a continuation of Sam's story, I feel artiums story is finished, and the dlc with Sam was pretty good

SyntheticForm55d ago

OMG, will the game actually load this time? I'd love to go in for a second round on PS5. 4A need to use that SSD something terrible to reduce those nap inducing load times.

ArchangelMike54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Literally I stopped playing the game because I thought it just kept crashing at the load screen. It has absurdly long load times, I just couldn't be bother to wait for it to load.

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The story is too old to be commented.