Google Stadia Is Invested "for the long haul" With "about 400 games" Currently in Development

From GameWatcher: "A bit over a year has passed since cloud gaming service Google Stadia debuted, promising players a high-fidelity gaming experience without the need of a traditional console or high-end PC.

But while Google Stadia's promises seemed to herald gaming's future, the platform was off to a rocky start.

A lack of exclusive titles alongside choppy performance even in instances where people had access to high-speed internet cast doubts on its capabilities."

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Lionsguard51d ago

After Microsoft buying Bethesda, I really dread the day I open up the internet to find out Stadia or Apple has purchased A huge studio or two for themselves. I'd much rather MS be the one who makes the large acquisitions. At least they'd be on a console and/or PC. Apple or Google would be walled off to their own services.

Bender650251d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Yes. And that's the danger isn't it. That's why I believe MS, Sony, and Nintendo could be a good combination moving forward.

Ironically, this is one instance where the games really don't matter.

NotoriousWhiz51d ago

Is anyone even buying games on Stadia?

DVAcme51d ago

"About 400 games" that'll never see the light of day on the service is more like it. Stadia is NOT gonna last long enough for that to happen.