Graffiti Artist ACHES Hired By PlayStation Paints PLAY HAS NO LIMITS Mural

Again, Sony pushes the boundaries with its marketing strategy and there seems to be no slowdown even though there aren't any consoles out there to buy!

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gaffyh50d ago

Wish they make a poster of this, or at least some shirts

jznrpg49d ago

That’s trippy as fuck. The illusion is awesome

GamerRN49d ago

Cool but honestly hurts my eyes...

RgR49d ago

It's not play without a little...pain?

gamer780449d ago

Hopefully this slogan carries over to how they treat their Japanese developers.

throne49d ago

and what proof is there that they treat them badly? a rumour that has been dismissed?

gamer780449d ago

not badly monetarily or work hours anything like that, but requiring them to send their builds to the califonria hq to censor their games, you've seen a few of the devs already go to nintendo only now, which is a shame, i'd love for them to be able to harness the power of the ps5