Resident Evil 8 Will Be "Meatier" and "Fantastic", Capcom Expects It To Sell 11M Copies

Resident Evil 8 is going to be a fantastic game judging from the expectations of Capcom and based on the words of a credible insider.

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Sonic-and-Crash61d ago

Resident Evil for me ended with RE6 ....nomatter if it was cheesy as hell least was RE at its core and fun game .....keep me out of these last games (RE7-8)

ArchangelMike61d ago

Did you play the RE2 Remake. That game was on point, and arguably better than RE6 & RE7.

Sonic-and-Crash61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

yes i ve finished it, RE 2 Remake was pretty good almost to the point (not RE3 Remake though) ...With "RE ended" i mean from sequel standpoint i see Capcom to not change their strategy with these FPS copy-other-IP games

bouzebbal61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Not better than RE7.
And re2 remake is deja vu..
And lol at RE end with re6.. You mean Code Veronica?? But definitely came back to life with RE7

TheEnigma31361d ago

There is no arguably, it was better.

BABY-JEDI61d ago

RE7 on PSVR was far better than RE2 remake. The VR experience is 2nd to none. As for RE7? Thank goodness for the change, because after RE4, the series literally died.

-Foxtrot61d ago (Edited 61d ago )


RE2 didn’t need something like VR to be good though did it, you’re liking it more for the VR than the actual game.

It died after RE4? Yeah because they kept making action games or games which didn’t feel like RE

Then you get the RE2 remake and it shows that Capcom can do RE justice. RE3 remake was decent it was just short and they chopped it up

ssmilloy3661d ago

well it's a remake so.... already played it years ago. it was what re was made out of.
linkin park 1st album vs 2nd. which one

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anast61d ago

In my opinion, 4-6 sucked the life out of the franchise. 1-3 and 7 is where it's at for me.

instantstupor61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Interesting that you found 4 sucked the life out of the franchise, when it is widely considered to be the best of the series. Different strokes and all, but I would say 4 - while perhaps taking the series into a different direction - gave the franchise plenty of breathing room to grow, given its extreme popularity. It feels to me like 5/6 and random offshoots are what really sucked the life out of RE for a good long while there.

anast61d ago

@insta 4 is when it took the action turn. Those crows spitting out gold coins ruined it for me. The level design was game changing, but that doesn't mean it was a good RE game. Then came 5 and 6 the children of 4.

zacfoldor61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Boring talking point, imho. RE is fine. Huge sales, huge quality. For me, RE3 remake was even great for what it was despite backlash for omissions. There were a couple of stinkers in there, but they are back on track now. RE4, RE2 remake, or Code Veronica = GoaT.

RE and Silent Hill were never really the same. I think a lot of fans complaining about RE action wanted the series to move towards the silent hill route. Understandable, because we have so many generic action games, but the new stuff from RE is legit and not crappy generic action. imho. Capcom currently one of the best devs, and only Bluepoint beats Capcom for remakes after RE2 and Demon's Souls respectively.

Minute Man 72161d ago

CV I f'ed up. Thought I beat the game (Dreamcast) when I got on the plane so I wasted all my ammo and saved it.....we know how the plane ride turned out

anast61d ago

I almost forgot about CV. That is a good game too.

zacfoldor60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

I have a feeling Capcom will eventually remake Code Veronica. It is too much of a cult classic because of Claire being absolutely awesome, and Dreamcast nostalgia. It’ll probably be even more warmly greeted than RE4r around here. I’m thinking maybe 2023-2024 timeframe, just a guess.

Minute Man 72161d ago

RE4 was the turning point into an action game and when they lost me as a fan. Glad I have RE 1 thru 3 (PSX) on my PS3, tank controllers and all

Sonic-and-Crash61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

completely agree ...RE1 on PSX is the best RE of them all ....whole different league in comparison to others.....i just compare RE4 5 6 to RE7-8

Tzuno61d ago

you have no idea what you loose, close all the internet stuff and go play re7

Minute Man 72158d ago

I actually have that just no time to play

59d ago
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ArchangelMike61d ago

I hope CAPCOM don't do a Square Enix who have a really bad habit of setting their sales expectations too high and overpromising their investors. I really enjoyed RE7, and RE2 Remake (but I think I prefer the latter), and I'm sure expectations for RE8 will be high. But selling 11million copies in 5 years??? I don't know about that. RE7 released nearly 4 years ago and has sold 7.9Million copies - which is impressive -

So yeah, I wouldn't be too quick to set expectation for RE8 at 11million copies in 5 years.

SullysCigar61d ago

I think Sony will use RE8 to sell PSVR2, along with GT7 and possibly HL: Alyx as launch games. Well over a million people played RE7 on PSVR (compare that to the install base at the time of launch!) and people seem to agree it was a different game when you're inside it. For me, it was one of the best gaming experiences of my life - I get that to people that played it flat screen might think that's bonkers, but it's just that good.

Factor in better controls, better resolution, framerates, load times, use of 3D sound, haptic feedback, everything they learned from the VR implementation of RE7 and the fact that they're saying this game will be bigger and you have a village to explore....and you have a game with serious selling potential!

Still, I agree - 11 million is a lofty target for total sales!

alb189961d ago

Things have changed a lot. The videogame market is growing at a pace that you can't expect the same sells or close from more than 6 years before.

zacfoldor60d ago

Yeah, In my experience is usually best to under promise and over deliver.

Ninver61d ago

I've noticed a trend of "Capcom expects to sell" from Capcom the last couple of games. Just create great games and let then sell. Period!

CrimsonWing6961d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Well, to be fair that’s not how that works.

Take, for example, The Evil Within 2. Great game that sold terribly and may have put the final nail in the coffin for the series to continue. Unfortunately, the days where a dev studio could experiment with making a game and not worry too much if it sold under projected sales are gone.

CantThinkOfAUsername61d ago

The Evil Within 2 didn't sell because of Bethesda. They barely marketed the game at all. Oh, here's an E3 trailer, expect the game to release in 4 months, and that's it. Most people don't know of its existence, and those who do were burned out of the first one.

Nacho_Z61d ago

I do expect it to be great. I think it'll take what worked about the first game, including the excellently handled tension of exploring with the Baker family on the loose, and put it into a much bigger and better game. And Resi 7 was pretty damn good imo.

Nacho_Z61d ago

When I say the first game I mean Resi 7, dunno why I put it like that maybe because it was a reboot and almost felt like a new series.

BiGT8561d ago

Im buying Resident Evil 4 Remake in 2022

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