PS5 Firmware Update Is Available To Download Now

Sony has released another PS5 firmware update today. This new firmware should be available to download now for all regions.

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Eidolon100d ago

An actual detailed quickfix(for a download issue). :)

But it also adds stability.

SullysCigar100d ago

That was actually the last update, rather than this one, which they have no details for as of yet. The article seemingly muddies the waters so they have something to type lol

SullysCigar100d ago

^ Still awesome they fixed the download issue so quickly - didn't mean to put a downer on that!

100d ago
Sayai jin100d ago

Really no info on the update. I wish Sony would implement early preview for selected PS owners to test uodates.

SullysCigar100d ago

I clicked through to the article. They don't have any information on what the update consists of, so don't waste your time.

The last update fixed the download queue issue. This one is likely general performance/stability, unless Sony release notes to tell us otherwise.

WireMucks100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

guys Id advise you to unplug external Hdds/SSDs when updating any firmware,.. I've heard of some people having issues because of that.

MrNinosan100d ago

Did the update with external plugged in an no problems. Then, I am one of those rare lucky 99% who didn’t have any problems yet.

Thanks for the heads up thou. :)

StoneyYoshi100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

Ive heard dozens of problems and haven experienced any of them yet. *knock on wood*

GrizToof100d ago

You definitely will hear way more about people with problems online then people without. Most people are like us though and have had no issues yet, the only problems I have with PS5 aren't technical problems or crashes, it's just missing a lot of features and small things like folders, themes etc. One of the things for me is you cannot sort games that are on sale, there are a lot of black Friday sales going on but you wouldn't know it if you are looking at the PS store from the PS5. I have to use the PS app from my phone to check those out. But yea just like you and a ton of others im enjoying the PS5 so far. I feel for anyone that is having problems of course and hope it gets resolved quickly. With the PS5 being sold out everywhere the last thing I would want to do is return, exchange or send it in for repairs. Good luck everyone and have a great day!

Yppupdam100d ago

The one I bought from Playstation Direct has given me hardly any problems, just a wanky issue with rage 2 on and external HD that when I rebooted the PS5 it downloaded some sort of update for the game and everything has been perfect since...NOW, the one I got for my Nephew from Amazon, is having issues with the external HD file system needing to be repaired and that infinite download issue. I wonder if the ones from Amazon are "B" or "C" stock, and the ones directly from Sony are "A" stock?

Xristo100d ago

Received my PS5 yesterday. I'm mainly a PC gamer, but HOLY SH*T am I impressed! After just playing Astro's Playroom, the DualSense is truly a game changer. Controller has a life of its own! Haha. Anyways, I cannot wait to see how creative Sony gets with it's haptic feedback and mic integration (ex. blowing into the controller).

SirBruce100d ago

Don't tell me more... Stabilty improvements?

MrNinosan100d ago

They complain when the PS5 have bugs and issues, they complain when the fixes are coming, they complain for every reason they can.
They as in the ones who don’t, don’t really care or never will have a PS5.

Npugz7100d ago

Why would you complain about that? Duhhh

SirBruce98d ago

It is a complaint about details... we never have details about those improvements and I'd like to have info about them.

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The story is too old to be commented.