Black Ops Cold War Glitch Leads To Performance Issues With RT On PS5, Here's A Temp Fix

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has a performance glitch on the PS5 which can lead to frame rate issues when running with ray-tracing mode.

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Jin_Sakai51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

This game has more bugs than Bugsnax. Cold War froze on PS5 last night while playing online and the multiplayer portion was messed up ever since so I was unable to play online. My only option was to delete the game and reinstall it to get it to work.

cyclindk50d ago

Remember how practical that used to be to fix an issue, simply reinstalling?

Neonridr49d ago

how dare you, Bugsnax has no such issues :P

DiRtY50d ago

So this Game freezes on PC, has huge problems on PS5 like this one and might brick Xbox Series X consoles.

Yet we argue which console has 1-2 more FPS. This is like rating your pile of sh*t superior than the competition, because it steams so nicely.

Silly gameAr49d ago

To be fair, it's the people that were like "I can't wait until DF comparisons comes, and shows everyone who has the best version of games!", and now those same people are trying to deflect, and act like they never acted the way they acted.

BLow49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Oh we can't forget about them. That's all we heard for months. 3rd party would be night a day. Wait for Halo. We saw that. Wait for 3rd party games, then they showed Dirt lol. We know how that went.

Now DF comparisons are out, PS5 is performing better and most of the multiplats, now everyone has amnesia lol. The tools, the this, the that. I thought PS5 was the rushed console remember?? How could this be?

Now, these fanboys are talking about everything but games and are downplaying PS5 launch lineup. I wonder why lol.

Apparently, MS tools can get better but Sony's can't. The PS5 tools are set in stone with no room for improvement. I can go on and on but what's the point.

Now back into hiding lol. I just read some of these comments and shake my head. This reply right here is to someone that saw what I saw as well for MONTHS lol.

Darthpaul8449d ago

Yeah PlayStation fans actually thought this was gonna run better. Crazy I know!

Babadook749d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Dropping FPS in two places aren’t ‘huge’ problems. That’s a minor bug. DF was impressed quite a lot overall.

oof4649d ago

"Hey, mine stinks more than yours."


JustTheFax49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

The pc version kept freezing for me on the vietnam helicopter mission when you are shooting at the rooftops. I dropped it to 1440p for 30 seconds to get through that part and then back up to 4k. Stupid that you have to use workarounds like that to get it to run properly. Plus, the single player quits to desktop if you lose connection to So ridiculous!

jukins49d ago

Huge problem? Lol anyone who played it just thought of it as an fps dip and moved on. It was only because digital foundry that we know its a glitch.

DiRtY49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Reading comprehension:


Like this one.

Or this one:

Or this one:

Or this one:

It is a mess, no matter the Plattform you decided to play on.

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jznrpg50d ago

I’m glad I’m not a big fan of CoD . I’ll play the campaign someday and maybe some zombies with my son eventually but these games always seem to be a mess .

BenRC0149d ago

Mw was spectacular. Game done right. This is just ghosts, a place holder until next years proper next gen mw2.

RememberThe35749d ago

Why TF do you people keep buying these broke ass games?

BenRC0149d ago

Maybe because they're generally very good and people enjoy them.

RememberThe35749d ago

What is very good about them?

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