Why I regret buying the Xbox Series X on day one

Rami Tabari - "I bought both a PS5 and Xbox Series X on day one, and it frustrates me to say that one of these consoles will be collecting dust for months. It’s not even about the games (well a little bit), but rather the overall experience, and more specifically, the controller. Xbox made a good console, for sure, but PlayStation defined what next-gen gaming actually feels like. If you’re thinking about getting an Xbox Series X right now, you should wait. Here’s why."

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masterfox53d ago

seriously why is so hard to be honest in these days, people are so damn scare to talk freely, same thing goes when somebody is talking non-positive things for Nintendo, "oh how dare you", "oh you are trolling" , "oh you are fanboy", lol.

Seriously the more offended they are the more accurate you are, remember if you get mad you lose.

gamer780453d ago

So if I really offend you I’m being really accurate? Not sure the world works the way you think it does...

masterfox53d ago

sorry for making everyone confuse should added more context lol, what I meant here for the *more accurate you are* , I was referring to the person who spoke/wrote freely and then someone else got offended. :D

Redrex700053d ago

depend would it not?
someone can say something that might offend
but it is still true

gamer780453d ago

@redrex sure, but it still has nothing to do with whether someone is offended or not

Army_of_Darkness53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Hmm... I only get offended when what I hear about me are lies...

Like for example "yo Army, I heard you got a series X?"

Me: Excuse me?! You want a B1tch Slap right now or later?!? " 😁 I kid, I kid.. Kinda...

Babadook753d ago

"Seriously the more offended they are the more accurate you are, remember if you get mad you lose."

Partly true.

"So if I really offend you I’m being really accurate? Not sure the world works the way you think it does..."

Also partly true.

darthv7253d ago

On this site, nothing offends me. No matter how many people downvote or disagree... I stand my ground and by what i say.

On topic, the only system I really regret getting was the Atari Jaguar. Not the fact that it was a Jaguar (as there are some fun games and an active homebrew side) but by the fact i traded an Neo Geo AES with 4 games for it. Looking back on it now I can laugh and say I was pretty dumb then but you live and learn and move on. Now the AES goes for crazy $$ and it would be more of a novelty (conversation piece) where as i have all the games on a modded wii so no issues with playing the games when i want to.

bouzebbal52d ago

No games no buy.. It's this simple

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Neonridr53d ago

I'd say the same thing too when people like to say something bad about Sony. Don't act like there aren't people here that will try to rip you to pieces if you don't support them 1000%. I support all 3, I don't have allegiances to any one of them. I play the games I want, where I want.

orakle4453d ago

Especially on this site. If your opinion is even slightly negative towards Sony you get downvoted to oblivion here. Its funny how its ok to be honest and negative on this site about Microsoft if thats how you feel, but god forbid you feel that way about sony lol.

OzzY-waZZy53d ago


You literally always comment snarky trolly remarks when it comes to Sony. We get it, your an insecure Nintendo fanboy and apparently like xbox. "I own a ps5" doesn't not make you a Sony hater. It must burn seeing Sony leap miles ahead of the competition.

The Wood53d ago (Edited 53d ago )


oh woe is me

In regards to the writer....any purchase over a certain cost should be researched prior to purchase. Listen to the facts not the hype of sales talk so that's kinda on him.

Neonridr53d ago

@OzzY - I give credit where credit is due. I owned a PS4 + Switch last gen, and decided to stick with Sony and got a PS5. But I don't worship them like some people here. They make good games and good hardware, which is why I've decided to support them. I have a gaming PC, so I have Gamepass and will support MS that way.

my snarkiness is usually in response to someone who has a problem with my opinion. Doesn't bother me in the slightest though. Let's just not pretend that N4G is dominated by Pro-Sony gamers. I don't care who "wins", I want to play good games. I don't own stock in any of the big 3.

Must "burn" devoting yourself to one box and miss out on so many other great games. *shrug*

nickanasty20653d ago

I am right there with you my friend. Don't pledge allegiance to any one plastic box. Supporting all 3 is definitely the best way to go! Can't ever be disappointed with that strategy.

RebelWAC53d ago

I beleive that the energy you bring to the table is the energy you'll receive, no exceptions. Just stay true and firm to what you say and stand for. Other than that, it ain't that serious nor deep really. We are just a small group of people who share a passion and our opinions on a forum...

Critic4l_Strik353d ago

N4G community is quite toxic. I said in the past i havent played X game and will most likely play it on new gen systems and i got downvoted big yeah, cant say much without people getting upset haha

neutralgamer199253d ago


I wish that was true but you are always sneak trolling against sony.


I am guessing you weren't here when xbox 360 did so well and this site was pro xbox. This is how it is and it's not about trolls or fanboys. Fact of the matter is there are more playstation gamers in the world(when it comes to console gaming) so you hear/see them more on gaming sites making comments

Knushwood Butt53d ago

'I don't have allegiances to any one of them.'.

Living in denial.

RgR53d ago


That's the stupidest claim yet. If you hate something you wouldn't own it. I hate apple, well dislike, and therefore don't own any apple products.

If he hated Sony he wouldn't own a playstation console.

It's similar to the silly claim that you can be racist while still having friends of that given race.

Vegamyster53d ago


When exactly? I generally stay away from this stuff but i keep hearing this argument, oddly by people who didn't make accounts until after the PS4/Xone released.

Here's an article from 10 years ago when the PS3 Outsold the 360:

Then another one from 2007:

The typical fanboy nonsense is all there but it's pretty even, the disagrees on comments regardless of who they support is about 50/50 which makes sense given the sales, it's not so one sided like its been made out to be lol.

Knushwood Butt53d ago


I like that 10 year old thread. This made me laugh:

'It's not safe for work because eating crow in most working environments will get you fired.'.

Oh, and lelo2play posting in that thread too.

leejohnson22252d ago

I think it depends when people are trying to highlight a problem with a company over someone making an issue bigger than it is because somehow if you push negativity on the platform you dislike its a win for the platform you do like. Its a mental problem.

Sirk7x52d ago

Same. I've owned pretty much every major console since the NES era, outside of like, Neo Geo and TurboGrafx (but have surely emulated them), and it's just amusing how bent out of shape people get over their preferred box. I love my Switch, PS4 and Series X right now lol. PS5 will come once the single player library is fleshed out and cheaper.

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S2Killinit53d ago

Sooo basically the more you
Piss people off the more correct you are? Trolls must be geniuses then.

GottaBjimmyb52d ago

The whole "you mad bro" culture is absolute trash. Not surprising they even openly admit that is their strategy now....

Pricey53d ago

To speak freely you risk offending people. However speaking with the sole intention of offending someone is not cool. Too often people get the two confused.

solideagle53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

what is this logic lol
All Muslims are te****ists offends all Muslims, so by your logic haters are accurate?

Edit: not even sure I should have given this example but that's the first thing which came in my mind because of having a verbal assault few days ago. I was offended when those guy said mean things to me...Apologies if I offend anyone by my post.

ZeroBlue253d ago

For so long we've all been expected to pretend like Xbox and Playstation are on equal footing, and this has never been the case.

Edgelordsupreme53d ago

Oh good grief, you're part of the problem.

Redrex700053d ago

regardless of what people say
they will call you a shell for liking something
or a shell for being honest and saying the reviewer just saying that to get click

AngelicIceDiamond53d ago

"Seriously the more offended they are the more accurate you are"

So I've noticed.

neutralgamer199253d ago

The author should sell the console and cam easily get more than what he paid for. We all don't like the same thing and in my opinion xbox will be a better purchase In 2022 and beyond when there are some actual true AAA exclusives

RgR53d ago

Firsr of all most people don't actually get offended. They simply think differently and think the other is wrong.

Some elements are obviously factually based other elements are more opinionated.

In many cases people mix the two. Opinions and facts can be kept separate.

TheEroica53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Honestly, ps5 isn't much better, if at all. Not a good gen to do day 1. Wont be an interesting gaming scene on new consoles for 2 years.

potatoseal53d ago

Read what he said about the PS5 and what he has to do and play on it.

enkiduxiv52d ago

I would have to agree with you. I am very firmly in camp Sony, but whenever I have posted an opinion that falls somewhere in the middle of everyone’s expectations I get a lot of downvotes for it.

Like if I say the Last of Us 2 is good but not great, both sides eat me alive and say I’m trolling. It’s just my honest opinion on the matter.

The Downvotes don’t really matter to me, but I do wonder if I ever actually get my point across to anyone in those moments.

mafiahajeri52d ago

"The truth hurts" would have saved you a lot of time man

leejohnson22252d ago

I agree, its like calling someone a hater if they disagree, its a way to try and devalue your view as none valid. You don't have to be a hater to dislike something. Too many gammas and weak minded people who just say yes to everything. If you cant be honest then whats the point.

FanboysKiller52d ago

In a cubicle circlejerk bobble that doesn't exist elsewhere you could force unfactual opinions and make them believable.

52d ago
OptimusDK52d ago

It is not related to this story as i realy dont care. I have both Ps5 and XSX.
Its just funny how N4G works. Last week there was a story about the exact same - why PS5 was not that great. And that godt put down by N4G with all types of nonsense. But this one rises to the top.
The bias on this site is just ludecris.

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ArchangelMike53d ago

I think the Dualsence controller will definately shift the narrative of where is the best place to play multiplatform games. Sony has already overcome the power narrative, and those extra tflops that the Series X has over teh PS5 can't really be seen on screen ( at least not yet anyway), so for the average gamer the difference in negligible. But the Dualsence controller adds a tangible difference to the experience of a game.

Pancit_Canton53d ago

Don't forget "QUALITY" exclusive games.

The Wood53d ago

not important bro......keep up;)

yellowgerbil53d ago

They are no longer FUN. all they care about is graphics. Spiderman was a terrible game that had way too many button inputs. GOW was a long chore that should of ended 15hrs earlier. Horizon was a boring world with no reason to explore beyond collecting things.
Bring back the PS2-3 era level of fun inventive and varied games.

Starman6952d ago

Couple of trolls in this chat.... 🧐

The Wood52d ago

Cmon man.... its like some can't recognise sarcasm without the /s

All but one brand and their fans know the importance of exclusives.

RabbitFly51d ago

@the wood

You know that the reason for the existence of "/s" is that sarcasm is pretty much impossible to convey in written form. Sarcasm is literally to say something you don't agree with/oposite your intent. It is only conveyed by the tone in which you say it, and even then is often misunderstood.

I get it. We all write things with a certain tone in mind, but that does not translate to the words on the page automatically.

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SyntheticForm53d ago

The DualSense is a superb controller in every way. The shape, the plastics, and the features are all great. Even the touchpad looks like a natural part of the controller and not a button that was purposely put there.

I liked the DualShock 4, but next to the DualSense it feels like a toy.

ClayRules201253d ago

YES! Like, I remember using the DualShock 4 controller for the first time and being like “Yeah, I like the feel of this controller, it feels right, feels good” but with the DualSense. I mean, for me, on an entirely different level.

DualSense of an experience that PS5 controller. My eyes, body, and soul just feel so immersed into the game now more than ever. Oh gosh, I can only imagine how Quantic Dream will attempt to use it😬how will they bring out more of my emotions?? I’ll be such an embarrassment to my teenage son, it’ll be great lol

Sayai jin53d ago

Synthetic, the dual sense is great! The dual shock has always felt like a cheap toy IMO.

ClayRules201253d ago

Definitely agree on the DualSense controller. It’ll make those multi platform games just even more immersive, even if at some point, XSX versions take the edge, visually. Which again, doesn’t seem to be the case at the moment.

That DualSense controller really is something I never knew I wanted added to my gaming experience. I mean, it was great to hear devs and journalists talk about it, but once everyone who’s excited for PS5 gets to feel and experience it, first hand, they’ll than become a believer. But I also think as you’ve basically said, it adds a tangible difference to the experience of a game. So I think you already know/are a believer, Mike. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it when you open your PS5 on Christmas, buddy!

ArchangelMike53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Yeah, the wait is going to be excruciating. But hten again, I hope by then they've ironed out a few of the kinks with firmware updates.

To make the wait even more painful for me, I've decided to forego Cyberpunk 2077 on day one, so that I get to experience it first time on teh PS5.

I know... I'm some kind of masichist 😋

orakle4453d ago

Lets just hope the devs actually utilize the features of the controller, thats my fear. Look at the touch pad on the last Sony controller, it was used a little bit in cool ways early on in the generation, then it was just an afterthought.

SullysCigar53d ago

There are over 50 games already confirmed to be using it, though, and with the news that PS5 games work ONLY with DualSense - and how well the controller has been received - the trend should continue.

Sony were clear that they made the dev tools as quick/easy as possible to implement the DualSense feature set.

alb189953d ago

Not necessarily. I have to see my self if developers will use the features it has, also I have to see if the batterys can hold up my play time with all this features on.

medman53d ago

The dualsense is fantastic. I managed to get a ps5 and series x, and without a doubt it's the first time I can say the playstation controller is hands down better than the xbox controller. I have more ability to grip the ps5 controller lower on the handles than the xbox controller, while still having perfectly comfortable access to the L1 R1 buttons, more comfortably than on the series x controller. The haptics on the ps5 controller are another level that will really impact gameplay in many titles, provided it's supported by not just Sony first party titles...early results are promising in 3rd party games though so hopefully that continues.

One of the areas where the xbox controller has the advantage is the grip it provides on the back of the controller.....if the ps5 controller had a more tactile area in the back, it would be damn near a perfect controller. I find my hands getting sweatier on the ps5 controller than I did on the ps4 controller...with the ps4 controller I never had to take my hands off of it to wipe them on my pants leg, but I find myself doing that with the dualsense for some reason. The 2nd area where I personally feel the series x controller is better is the actual thumbsticks, the xbox has a more tactile feel there as well. I had to put grippier thumbstick covers on my ps4 controllers, and I have done the same with my ps5 controllers after testing out the stock sticks in a few gaming sessions.

I've never had a preference or cared about offset or not offset sticks, so that is not a factor for me. I'm comfortable playing any type game with either stick layout.

gamer780453d ago

Controllers are really subjective though. Some prefer things a certain way and that’s fine, play on what you like and enjoy just respect those that feel differently

blackblades53d ago

On xdealer that one guy said the controller is similar to the xbox rumble or whatever like a gimmick. Its like he was having a hard time trying to talk about without making someone rage at him like downplaying the controller but also praising it.

Zeref53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Dualsense is overblown. Sure it's new and exciting right now but Most people will get over it after a few months. Especially if (as history has shown) 3rd parties don't support it fully.
DS4 was also "special" because of the lightsensor and the touchpad, PSfanboys were bragging all about it and then suddenly nobody cared. Same thing with Switch controller. You don't hear anybody in the mainstream talking about Dualsense except PSfanboys. Other than that nobody really cares anymore. The novelty will wear off quickly.

Only reason people are talking about it is because of the features it has that Xbox doesn't. The DPad on the dualsense is absolute garbage. The triggers themselves still suck despite the cool features and the buttons don't feel good.

DarXyde53d ago

Keep trying, lad.

Eventually, you'll have something of substance in your walls of text. I believe in you.

It's funny to see someone say the features will get old—meanwhile, you miss the irony in that comment when the Xbox Series controller is largely unchanged without new features. Did you also mention how the Xbox One controller's impulse triggers would go underutilized?

Genuinely, I hope you're just trying to troll badly. This is just asinine.

boing152d ago

"You don't hear anybody in the mainstream talking about Dualsense except PSfanboys"

LOL, what??? What internet are you reading?? Everyone and their grandma is talking about DS. You can't start next-gen conversation without it anymore. You know how people know it's a game changer? Because they don't feel dissapointed when they try it for the first time.

The Wood52d ago

Lol. . You're clearing a little jealous of the positivity towards the only true next generation pad. Don't worry. You'll be full of praise when Microsoft release their next elite controller.

Keep up the good fight fella

ArchangelMike52d ago


"The only reason people are talking about it is becasue of the features it has that the xbox doesn't"

Errmmm... You think?!? The reason ppl are talking about it is exactly becasue of the haptic feedback which everyone who has tried it agrees - is a game changer. It is a definite advantage that PS5 has over the Series X. Multiplatform games will now be a better overall exprience on the PS5 than on the Series X.

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mostarr52d ago

Whilst i agree. The haptics is something i'll be keeping on mainly for singleplayer games. For multiplayer/competitive games i'll be turning it off myself.

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SullysCigar53d ago

The return it. Someone else might enjoy it more.

I guess it depends on the consumer rights in your country, but I know some countries have a 14 day period where you have the right to return something for no reason at all other than you've changed your mind, provided you have the receipt and the original packaging.

Many people would have bought the Series X day one on the back of the promise it was the best place to play multiplatform games (as it better resolution and/or framerates). Since that isn't the case - at least, not from all the games we've seen so far - people might reasonably be disappointed.

MS changed their slogan of 'the world's most powerful console' to 'the world's most powerful Xbox' on the quiet, with no explanation, so it's probable they realised something was up and that their assumption (due to TFlops?) hadn't paid off.

But if people purchased when they were using the original marketing, they should have grounds reaching far greater than basic consumer rights and they could potentially claim they were misled/mis-sold.

medman53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

I got a ps5 launch day and a delayed delivery of series x just this past sunday, nov. 21. I don't "regret" buying the series x, I knew what I was buying and I bought it primarily for one reason.....I skipped the xbox one last gen and my 4th xbox 360 gave up the ghost late the previous gen. So on day one, I went with gamepass and downloaded the following games that I had yet to play - Alan Wake, Anthem, Battlefield V, Dishonored 2, Forza Horizon 4, Gears 5, Gears 4, Gears Judgment, Halo 5, Halo Master Chief Collection, Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice, Mass Effect Andromeda, Nier Automata, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Quantum Break, Resident Evil Biohazard, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, What Remains of Edith Finch. I bought the 1tb seagate drive to fit these games onto optimal storage. Am waiting for the ps5 drive options because at the moment I store ps4 games on external seagate hard drive, but would prefer to store all ps5 games internally, so that will fill up next year for sure with many of the amazing titles Sony has coming next year.

I'm good. For one reason or the other (time constraints, exclusivity to xbox, plus ps4 backlog), I hadn't played any of these games before. I'm still playing some of my ps4 backlog along with ps5 games, but have started this list on xbox with gears judgement and will work my way through the gears to the other titles. So for me, gamepass was the draw day one, so no need for "regrets".

Hellcat202053d ago

Enjoy those games on Gamepass.
I also played a bunch of games I would have never purchased, some were complete garbage but I did find plenty that I absolutely loved.
I still have it for my X1 but will not get the Series X until a later time when the big games come out

cell98953d ago

Where do you find the time to play 20+ games in such short time lol

Mohawk-V8553d ago

This is what I'm talking about. My series X is on the way, couldn't get a PS5, sold out everywhere. I have yet to own any of the past xboxes, so this will be my first XBOX. Personally, I'm really excited about the game pass and what it has to offer to someone new to the ecosystem like me.