Xbox Boss Praises PS5 DualSense Controller - "I Applaud What They Did"

One of the most exciting next-generation innovations for Sony's PS5 is the DualSense controller. Its haptic feedback system and adaptive triggers can be fine-tuned by developers for a variety of purposes to make actions feel more realistic, and the controller has been largely praised by those who have used it. Xbox boss Phil Spencer is among those who are excited by the DualSense.

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jairusmonillas56d ago

By the time Xbox copies DualSense, Sony will be releasing a much better and upgraded DualSense. lol

russo12156d ago (Edited 56d ago )

As always MS is a tech follower, they're not (and never were) an innovative company. Since DOS they're doing same old business, no risk taking, just let others do all the research, invest money and time, and then, simply make a similar copy and re-brand it as MS. IBM, Apple and Sony are used to their tactics.

OT - Since when Sony needs applause or comments from Mr. Phil? He's not focused in his business, maybe that's why they are always lagging.

VenomUK56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Fair's fair, Phil Spencer is not saying this years after he's left the industry he is saying this at the time of the DualSense's launch! His competitor has innovated and he is going on record and applauding it, and considering the near universal praise from critics and public alike it would be wrong to downplay it. It demonstrates that Sony's mindset to push for the industry forward worked out here.

I think this is also an implicit sign that the next iteration of the Xbox controller may have some new features. The only question is will Microsoft wait until the next generation to launch it or release it sooner?

Si-Fly56d ago

They risked plenty bundling Kinect with every Xbox 😆

Army_of_Darkness56d ago

New Duel sense PSVR headset incoming!
If you get a headshot or a punch to the face, you gonna feel it bro!

derek56d ago

Phil is leading the way in useless "videogame industry " talk. Lol

Zeke6855d ago

As usual, Phil talks while Sony delivers. Nothing has changed.

DJStotty55d ago

"As always MS is a tech follower"

Yes, because they are a software company. Console & controller technology is not their forte.

That is why Sony had a hand in Minidisk, Blu-ray etc as they are primarily a hardware company.

Rocketisleague55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Pretty funny considering Sony spent an entire 2 gens catching up with Xbox Live, you can thank MS for the quality of PSN today.

Both companies take risks. Some work out(Haptic, Xbox Live, gamespass), some don't(PS Move, PSVR, Kinect, CELL processor). Haptic controller isn't such a step forward as PS Move, PSVR, Kinect, CELL -- If they had worked. But the bigger the risk the bigger the risk. Haptics are a natural progression. Not much risk there, unless they end up breaking very easily..lets find out. Some risks cause a huge loss of sales in some gens - ie: Ps3's shenanigans allowed Xbox 360 to basically equal its overall sales that gen.

Xbox One and kinects failings allowed Ps4 to dominate that gen.

Im a user of PS Now too. Would much rather game pass than it tbh. But alas, I ain't getting an Xbox due to, well video games. It all depends on bethesda if I get an Xbox at all this gen.

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darthv7256d ago (Edited 56d ago )

I really like the DS but if Sony were to make one with offset sticks then it would be perfect. If MS decides to copy that in their own (offset) style then so be. I wont complain. The newer XB pad may not have gotten big changes but like people say... if it aint broke, why fix it.

@PS, symmetrical hands are designed to do asymmetrical tasks. Nobody uses both their hands the same way. Even an ambidextrous person uses them differently.

PS-Gamer-198656d ago

Offset sticks are for gamers with asymmetrical hands smh.

Atticus_finch56d ago

@Darth "symmetrical hands are designed to do asymmetrical tasks."
But my thumbs are designed and can do symmetrical tasks.
But I get it dude you have to justify you Xbox somehow but stop making bad arguments.

RgR56d ago

Having used both controllers extensively. There is little difference.

The xbox controller has always been more comfortable for me and that is my preference.

I've yet to use the newer controllers and i can't wait to see all the improvements on the dual sense perhaps it'll become my most comfortable controller from now on

But to say that hands nonsense is to not actually see what your hands are doing when using wither controller. If you actually look at yourself using the dual sense you'll soon see that your hands are not doing the same thing. The thumbs are moving in different directions and moving up towards the buttons or road in different direction as well.

darthv7256d ago

@RGR... the whole hand thing is nonsense. Thats why whenever I see people post that your hands are symmetrical blah blah blah I know not to take them seriously. Its all really personal preference but some get triggered over it for some reason.

SmokinAces56d ago

Why do the sticks need to be offset, whats so much better about them being offset? This gripe is lame and just an excuse to have an ecxuse

AndrewM56d ago

The problem, with all of this darth, and don't pretend not to notice, is you said the dual sense would be perfect with offset sticks. The part you didn't for you. Your making a factual statement about all controllers, which is so stupid. But you would avoid all of it if you just said for you. It would be perfect for you. You think your such a clever troll, but your not. Speak for yourself not everyone.

darthv7256d ago

Andrew, you are right. I am speaking for myself. In fact we all speak for ourselves so even if someone doesnt specify... it is implied.

AndrewM55d ago

No its not. Words have meaning use them right. Stop with your trolling.

NEXUS-655d ago Show
Daeloki55d ago

The difference with the positioning of the left stick between PS and Xbox is minimal IMO. Sure, I'm more comfortable with PS positioning, but that's just because I've played just with PS controller for the past 6 years. If I picked up an Xbox controller today, it would still feel comfortable using it. It really comes down to personal preference in the end.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

No offense, but that comment makes absolutely no sense. Your left hand and right hand aren't offset. I have no idea why you said that.


I have used both and the asymmetrical sticks cause my left thumb to get cramps. It's not natural for your thumbs to be constantly extended. Even when relaxed your thumbs are slightly curved/retracted. I compare that too holding your hands above your head continuously or constantly standing on one leg. Both are unnatural positions.

thornintheside55d ago (Edited 55d ago )


im going to have to disagree and say that is is implied. Otherwise you should have written

"No its not in my opinion. I my opinion words have meaning use them right. In my opinion you should Stop with your trolling."

it's just to cumbersome.

As for the layout, i prefer the assymetrical layout in games where movement is controlled by the left stick. Most of the movement I seem to do is holding the stick up(moving forward), and it's just more relaxing with a stretched thumb in relation to a bent thumb. However on the DS4 i just have the stick in the thumbs joint crease, If i have to hold the stick in a certain position for some time, it's no biggie.

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IcedOmega1356d ago

If sony releases a good driver support for pc and a chat pad I would be all over it.

NEXUS-655d ago Show
soggyfalcon55d ago

PlayStation controllers work fine on pc and have for years even without external software.

All it took was for Microsoft to stop blocking it.

UnSelf56d ago

59 fanboys just killed themselves over this praise. They dont know how to function if video game companies arent fighting

soggyfalcon55d ago

Read the article he doesn’t even complement Sony.

Before he even finishes the sentence he’s talking about gamepass and trying to pat himself on the back for Kinect.

jakseth55d ago

after the failure of kinect and media home center. Microsoft got very conservative.

i also believe the shitty technology behind kinect 1 killed the potential of it. Kinect 2 was actually super fast and precise but it was too late.

Daeloki55d ago

That's your take from the article? It's literally about Spencer praising Dualsense. And who cares if they copy it? It's a really cool controller, and I wish my friends who prefer Xbox get to experience a similar controller too at some point.

soggyfalcon55d ago

Did you read it? The title makes Phil seem like nice guy uncle Phil. What he says is hardly a compliment to Sony.

Daeloki55d ago

Soggyfalcon, stop looking for conflict that isn't there.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen55d ago

I'm just wondering why he keeps saying Gamepass is innovative when PS Now came out 3 years before? Anyway, we all know Xbox has never innovated anything. They always play the "wait and see" strategy. If it's successful, they'll copy it. If not well Halo, Gears, Forza.

AmUnRa55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Microsoft wil release some type of the same technology on the Xbox elite controller for $160....

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shadowT56d ago

DualSense is a real step forward.

ArchangelMike56d ago

I just hope Sony incentivises Dacvd to use the Dualsense. We've had sixaxis motion controls, that were a thing when the PS3 launhc., That only really got used in a handful of titles; to be fair it was abit janky and imprecise. Then we have the touch pad on the Dualshock4, which again barely got used for much in games.

potatoseal56d ago

But they're a bit differnt because you had to actually 'do something' to get them to work. You had to touch the touch pad. You had to rotate the controller.

But with this, the user doesn't have to do anything. They just have to play the game. Devs will implement this way more because they don't have to create any situation outside of the normal gameplay mechanics to accomodate the touch-pad or sixaxis. They just have to make the game they want and with the controls they want, and then after, add in the specialised haptics etc etc.

solideagle56d ago

I think days gone was pretty good with swipe right/down/left/up to open map/skills/forgot/quests I thought JRPGs could use this rather triangle/ go to menu then R1/L1...

Thundercat7756d ago

Phil Spencer has no choice but to praise the Dualsense. It has been critically acclaimed a a true next Gen controller full with innovation.

Xbox did nothing with its controller and UI. It is a shame really. I am pretty sure Ms is already working on copying the Dualsense. Is a massive PS5 advantage.

alb189956d ago

He has options. He can say nothing if he wants and nothing happens if he decides to do so.

mechethegoat56d ago

on the UI they'll for sure pass PS up on. But in terms of controllers helll no.

NEXUS-655d ago

Nope - The PS5 UI and functionality destroys whatever ms has recycled from xbox one.

The standout for me and my mates is share screen - that's how you do a next gen feature.

solideagle56d ago

Xbox is still selling very well, MS must be happy that they did nothing innovative and everything is sold out. 2021/2022 they will show games and everyone will forget controller/UI...I think MS is in a strong position in my humble opinion

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CrimsonWing6956d ago (Edited 56d ago )

I’m kind of tired of seeing this company applaud other companies for doing things better. Like Spider-Man sells gangbusters and Microsoft tweets out congratulations. Why don’t you start getting a clue and follow up? The whole “we’re a team player” is pretty eye roll inducing.

thesoftware73056d ago

Yup, Because fanboy BS and bickering like a-holes is the way to go.

good sportsmanship is so lame.

ZeroBlue256d ago

"Doing better" is fanboy BS?

thesoftware73056d ago

@ Zero

See, went right over your head because you want to push a fanboy narrative.

We are talking about him giving kudos to Sony for a great do know what sportsmanship means right?

RgR56d ago

Interesting to be such a sport with non competitors...
You show sportsmanship when you're in a competition together. But Phil has stated that they're not competing...soooo it's just silly compliments to try to be a part of the dual sense conversation.

Atom66656d ago

That's such an awful take. I'm rolling my eyes at how professionalism triggers you guys so much.

It's one industry. The little fanboy fights are beyond ignorant.

56d ago
CrimsonWing6956d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Look man, if Burger King tweeted out congratulations on a new McDonald's sandwich I'd roll my eyes at that, too. It has nothing to do with fanboyism, this is a direct move to gain a favorable reaction from the public. What I want is for MS to step up and start doing things like making exclusives on the level of Sony's, make a controller with evolved haptics technology/adaptive triggers, support VR, etc.

What gets to me is them still sitting parked at the starting line, when Sony crosses the finish line and then MS tweeting out "congratulations" to Sony. We need the competition because that's how we get better products and guess what, consumers win because of it. I know, crazy right? Congratulations on your comment, btw.

56d ago
Atom66656d ago

The fast food industry has been hit hard by Covid. Burger King literally encouraged people to go to McDonald's to help support the whole industry. Professionalism has its place.

You won't find it in the console wars where you assuredly think all of these guys should remain locked into 100%. But you will find it in the people involved.

It's not the execs or devs driving this toxicity. It's "fans" with insecurities. Full stop.

Spencer gives an interview and honest response and you guys trip over yourselves to find the fanboy spin. Mean while, the dude is getting one of the largest corporations in the world to cut billion dollar checks in support of this industry and Xbox.

But he talks about Sony's controller...oh no!!!


CrimsonWing6956d ago (Edited 56d ago )

It's a PR move and still pretty eye roll inducing.

The Wood55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

'It's not the execs or devs driving this toxicity. It's "fans" with insecurities. Full stop.'

~Aaron Greenberg has left the chatroom~
~Microsoft and Sony's PR teams have also left the chatroom~

Atom66656d ago

It's an hour long podcast that covers a gambit of topics, technical details, and insight.

You read the headline and sputtered some fanboy nonsense. Try to argue it if you want, but we both know what's up.

Gaming is infinitely more fun when you don't devote hours of your life to shilling out to a box. Take that advice or don't. I really don't give two shits.

CrimsonWing6955d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Right, because this is only the first time they’ve done this...

Sitdown55d ago

You could just ignore the articles, in the grand scheme of things, it's really not that often. And if asked a direct question about certain things, how would you prefer they respond?

CrimsonWing6955d ago

They could say, oh I don’t know, maybe something like, “It’s impressive tech and giving us ideas on what to bring to our consumers that will push their gaming experiences further.”

Sitdown55d ago

You do know that's still praising right?

Daeloki55d ago

I mean sure, competition is good, but I personally prefer seeing the positive interaction between MS and Sony, rather than the weird bickering certain "fanboys" seem to be pushing.

CrimsonWing6955d ago

You get fanboys with anything. I really don’t understand how this spiraled into a fanboy debate. My point was that the whole congratulations whenever Sony does something good just seems, I don’t know if this is the right word to use, disingenuous. Mostly, because MS isn’t doing anything (yet) that’s hitting it out of the park like Sony has been doing. So, it feels more like a PR move especially since it’s pushed out publicly.

Has Sony tweeted congratulations to MS, ever? Like I’m legit asking. This comes off more like, “Hey, aren’t we so good for congratulating our competitor?” You don’t see Sony saying, “Congratulations on acquiring a Bethesda!” I don’t know how to explain it other than it just seems like this moment for them trying to win over people by being a good “sportsman”. I’d rather them use those moments and start trying to beat Sony in this market so we get double the amazing games and other experiences whether it be VR, controller tech, etc.

I own both MS and Sony products, but I game on one waaaaay more than the other. Does that make me a fanboy? I dunno, but I’m definitely supporting one more than the other I can tell you that much and I wish MS made that choice harder to make.

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