Those Aren't "Games of The Year"

The nominees for 2020's Game Awards have been announced. Mike & Alex are here to explain why the bevy of western-style, anthropocentric games dominating the show in 2020 are inferior to last year's entries, and even to Japanese titles conspicuously absent from this list of 'Game of the Year' contenders. Including a discussion of why Half Life Alyx is awful in concept, the sentimentalism of God of War 2018 and why Nioh 2 should be GotY 2020.

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Joshua131324d ago

Honestly, I'm more baffled that One Punch Man is one of the nominees for best fighting games of 2020.

GreenDragonCVR1324d ago

Me, baffled the American made samurai game is nominated for goty but not the infinitely superior nioh 2

phoenixwing1324d ago

aren't the game awards a mostly western centric show with it's viewership/personnel? Most of the people who tune in aren't from japan. It's kind of like complaining at the Oscars that so many of the nominated films are from Hollywood.

phoenixwing1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

I also would argue that nioh 2 isn't infinitely superior. I liked both of them and they have wildly different gameplay and presentation styles. In nioh 2 you're kind of operating in mission type hub area thingy and ghost of tsushima is open world.

Christopher1324d ago

Even Nioh fans don't agree with this.

fsfsxii1324d ago

Lmao nah bro team ninja is irrelevant now, they havent made anything great in over 10 years

PhantomTommy1324d ago

I can understand thinking Ghost of Tsushima is superior to Nioh 2 if you have never played Nioh 2 and I guarantee you 90% of the people downvoting you now have never played Nioh 2.

Nominating Ghost of Tsushima for game of the year is like nominating that Mad Max game from a few years back for game of the year, a decent but utterly unremarkable open world game game that no one will be talking about 5 years from now. But you can't say that because this is N4g and it's a Playstation game.

GreenDragonCVR1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

I understand the story in Nioh 2 lacks a depiction of the requisite daddy issues or moral finger wagging to appeal to certain western audiences, but @phoenixwing western-centric show or not, Nioh most certainly is the better game, which is (or should be) the point surely. This probably isn't the place to lay out the special merits of soulsborne gameplay, nor the aloof and "cosmocentric" narrative tendencies of "japanese" [style] games (see our website for lengthy discussions of such topics), but for these and infinitely more reasons, the claim is (to us) laughable that a game like Ghosts, (which is a fine work no doubt) is "better". More easily digested? Sure; but still quite like nominating the Mad Max game of a few years ago as @phantomtommy says (and featuring a similar, expansive, unresistant loop drawing on a similarly limited pool of open world activities that quickly become tiresome). Us? We prefer a total lack of distractions and a single, finely-honed totally resistant core conceit that takes the whole game to master, no chance for boredom. We also argue this is an objectively better way to build a game, akin to having the limbs of a body in order and working in unison for one goal, instead of bloated and struggling in different directions, like we might metaphorically find in an open world game where narrative, busy-work and side missions form an incongruous jumbled whole. Even Nioh's loot progression is too much fat for us. Thanks for the omniscient insight into the hivemind of nioh fans @christopher, which (even if they do prefer ghosts, doubtful) doesn't really prove much. Cheers and thank you all very much for your time! Have a wonderful evening. Edited for grammar

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P_Bomb1324d ago

“Ghost of tsushima is much better than Nioh 2”

Not according to the reviews.

Hey, if they’re gonna pick a different fave, at least they picked a good one.

RPGer1324d ago

@phoenixwing hollywood is hollywood, Final Fantasy defined RPG for whole industry and localisation is a thing here. Furthermore, didn't last samurai made it and it was heavy western movie? The same should had gone for Ghost of Tsushima. They are so biased and tasteless.

Chexs19901324d ago

Nioh 2 was amazing, but there were some hardcore shortcomings in terms of storytelling and level designs.
It was more of a Nioh 1.5 with a customizable character, while Ghost was more tightly put together in most of it's aspects (outside of some repititive grinds).

Angyobangyo1324d ago

That American made samurai game was praised by Japanese gamers, game critics and developers for its historical interpretation of the Mongol invasion of Tsushima. An American made samurai game has sold 5 million copies whilst Nioh 2 just over 1 million. Whilst both are fantastic games you don’t need to bring ethnicity into this simply because you like one better than the other. It’s petty.

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potatoseal1324d ago

@ PhantomTommy, I platinumed Nioh 2 and Ghost Of Tsushima. They're both different games with different styles of combat. But Ghost OF Tsushima is much more deserving of GOTY than Nioh 2 is.

boing11324d ago


Look at user scores and how many there is. Nioh 2 has 893 user votes at avarage 7.9 where Tsushima has 17670 votes at 9.2. Do the math and see what scores it has to have to get 9.2 at almost 18000 votes.

P_Bomb1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

“So im not sure why you would use metascore as a basis for your argument here”

You used them down below, talking about Demons Souls. What’s good for the goose...

“Look at user scores and how many there is.”

Meta’s user scores are plagued by zeroes and tens that start popping up the moment a game goes live. Made headlines for Death Stranding and TLOU2, deleting thousands of them.

neutralgamer19921324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )


News flash vast majority don't play souls type game where you die again and again that's considered fun by very very very small percentage of gamer


You completely lost this argument when you compared ghost to mad max. Name me one game that mad max developer made that was considered great? They have been living off the same type games for decades

Just cause average
Rage 2 average
Mad max average

While ghost is a great game and sucker punch in the past have made other great games

Also games are discussed/ nominated by game journalists who review games so they know a thing or two on what games deserve to be on the list. Every game yes even souls like games should have difficulty settings so those who want to experience the world and the story without dying again and again can enjoy the games. Make a default setting just for those who want the typical souls game experience and give noobs and casuals story settings like other much much much more successful games have done. In this day and age stop listening to a very small vocal minority who's against easy settings in games even though they can play on hard if they choose to

GreenDragonCVR1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

@neutralgammer1992 sorry we are still laughing at "games journalists know a thing or two on what games deserve to be on the list"; which, the journo that couldn't beat the tutorial in cup head? The one that thought there was too much water in pokemon? The pc gamer editor who (like Paul tassi at forbes, was too much of a baby to finish Sekiro and) thinks games are meant for narcotic amusement (and thus, of course, require an easy mode)? It seems like every conversation on this site at least one person attempts to posit that popularity or what "most people like" indicates quality. Heroin is more popular and no doubt more "fun" (whatever the value of that) than every game ever: if all one seeks (is not beauty nor integrity nor to be captivated but) the greatest pleasure for lowest cost, just resort to narcotics and stop demanding our games be destroyed to accommodate your tastes.

"Journos probably know what they are talking about". Thanks for making our day with that nugget of gold LOL. Edited for grammar

SmokinAces1323d ago

"It seems like every conversation on this site at least one person attempts to posit that popularity or what "most people like" indicates quality."

That's a far more credible reason than all of us just agreeing with you attempting to posit your opinion as the indicator. You thumbing through the dictionary and finding words to make you sound smart doesn't make you right and it doesn't make nioh 2 the better game, the majority have decided and the better game is GoT, time to start dealing with it.

northpaws1323d ago


Learn how to put together an argument, one word "infinitely" makes people ignore your statement right away.

I have never played Nioh 2, but if the universal praised Ghost of Tsushima (also my personal game of the year) is infinitely worse than Nioh 2, then it better scores at least 1 million out of 10 in every single review.

frostypants1323d ago

I stopped liking Mario Bros. games when I discovered they aren't made by Italians. /S

Who cares who made it?

Christopher1322d ago

***I can understand thinking Ghost of Tsushima is superior to Nioh 2 if you have never played Nioh 2 and I guarantee you 90% of the people downvoting you now have never played Nioh 2.***

First of all, two completely different games as far as overall gameplay.

Second of all, user reviews and critical reviews denote that Nioh 2 is inferior to the first and likewise similar show that Ghost of Tsushima was overall better than Nioh 2.

Third, no one is talking about Nioh 2 in the news. No one.

Now, while I can 100% get you liking it more, but the users and the media? They don't. And those users include people like myself who have experienced them both.

What I liked about Ghost of Tsushima didn't "shit" on Nioh 2. It was actually what it had in storytelling, presentation, and art direction that sold me. The hack and slash of Nioh 2 isn't the same as that in Ghost of Tsushima, but I don't necessarily feel one is better than the other.

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enkiduxiv1324d ago

I agree that the nominees aren’t particularly strong this year, but Nioh 2 is not GOTY material. Most of what makes it a good title can be found in Nioh 1, it is not revolutionary. If anything, I’d say it was a step back for the series. It’s not bad but not great either.

phoenixwing1324d ago

I mainly liked nioh 2 over nioh 1 for the character creator. Both games are good though.

Babadook71324d ago

Yah. It’s not a strong year. It’s a very strong year.

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GreenDragonCVR1324d ago

This is a fair opinion buddy; we would argue however that being revolutionary is only one of many markers of awesomeness (and some times things can be revolutionary-bad!). Our high regard for Nioh 2 stems from its refined, hyperfocused progression, the epic and mythological scope of its worldbuilding, its biggest improvement along with enemies/bosses on nioh 1 (mythological samurai alt history f yea, also featuring such historical personages as the Sakai clan); the breadth of rpg mechanics which enable you to do exactly what you want (amongst so many possible build optipns) without bogging you down systemically... and of course, how spectacular it feels to play. After finishing DeS, try a fight in Nioh! The feeling of taking multiple actions per second, switching stance, swing, dodge, pulse, the tons of practical judgements the mind is constantly making doing so. It FEELS like a soulslike by ninja gaiden bros. It isn't revolutionary, but iterative instead. Cheers man thanks for your comment!

potatoseal1324d ago

I Platinumed Nioh 2 and Ghost Of Tsushima. Ghost deserves GOTY more than Nioh 2. Nioh 2 just has the great combat. But Ghost has a lot more of everything.

enkiduxiv1323d ago

I will concede that it is far more deserving of a nomination than some on that list.

gamer78041323d ago

these are all picked by a selection of games media, so that tells all you need to know. These aren't really GOTY, just their picks for whatever their agenda or reasoning might be. I don't really care about the awards, just watch some of it for the reveals.

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JEECE1324d ago

Ah, the "I'm special and smart because Japan" argument. It never gets old.