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PS5 Sold an Estimated 2.1 to 2.5 Million Units Worldwide on Launch Day

Based on preliminary data VGChartz estimates that the PlayStation 5 sold between an estimated 2.1 million to 2.5 million units worldwide when you combine its two launch days.

The $499 PS5 proved to be far more popular than the $399 PS5 Digital Edition, with over 75 percent of the total estimated sales.

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Community140d ago
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DeadSilence140d ago

Damn those sales are insane but again I'll take you all back to 2013:

"Don't read too much into it." 😂

darthv72140d ago

...especially when you read about 3rd party resellers who scored hundreds if not thousands using bots to keep regular folk from getting one.

RgR140d ago

Those units will most certainly get to peoples hands eventually if they don't get bought by whales.

S2Killinit140d ago

Are you implying that they wouldnt have sold at regular prices if scalpers hadnt picked them up?

I think its telling that retailers are no longer pre-announcing the time orders open up because when they do, their sites crash.

oof46140d ago

I wish people would be able to resist buying from scalpers. The only thing giving them power is the fact that people are willing to buy the consoles at their ridiculous prices.

darthv72140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

^I've never bought from a scalper. you have to be pretty desperate to pay what they are asking. I will gladly wait my turn.

@AAA... no, not that at all. Im saying this feel good story should have a happier ending of knowing those millions sold are being enjoyed by people all around the world instead of the reality that scalpers are holding them hostage for insane ransom.

TripleAAARating140d ago

Lol @ darth.... you're so predictable. Alluding that the number might not have been close to 2.5 mil if it weren't for 3rd party bots, when all evidence clearly shows that the availability for PS5s @ launch was near IMPOSSIBLE to meet demand... everyone and their grandma wants one 😆.

JEECE140d ago

I like how you are using the fact that scalpers know they can sell the console for 2-3 times MSRP as evidence that demand isn't as strong as the numbers suggest.

mikeslemonade140d ago

It’s actually more desperate to camp and lurk than to spend like a extra $250 for a PS5. You’re just wasting your time and energy trying to save pennies.

senis_kenis140d ago

@darthv72 but somehow in my country are plenty XSX, and even more XSS, but no PS5 preorders until January, all sold out.

140d ago
SullysCigar139d ago

You're talking about "hundreds if not thousands" out of 2.5 MILLION...I really don't expect anything other than a fractional impact on the overall sales stats.

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imtiyaz6140d ago

There is no surprise here. PlayStation has a very high brand loyalty among consumers, it will always lead in sales unless Sony shoots themselves in the foot.

godofiron139d ago (Edited 139d ago )

Thank you for providing that much needed context to me and the other 4 of us who didn't get the joke XD

Runechaz140d ago

you mean 2 to 2.3 millions to the scalpers..

tombfan140d ago

Yes, sure, great, amazing, superb, yes again, yes, yes, yes /s

Babadook7140d ago

Down-voters didn’t know what an /s meant?

140d ago
Dragonscale140d ago

Shows how popular PS5 is. Not so much scalping on the xbox side lol.

CheerUpButtercup139d ago

So you can buy one at retail anytime you want? Please show me where.

medman139d ago

I managed to secure a ps5 launch day best buy in store pickup. I got a series x preorder from amazon that was delayed, buy arrived Sunday nov. 21. Got lucky. The particular best buy I got my ps5 from said they got in about 80 ps5's and about 120 series x's, which surprised me they had received more xbox's.

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GaboonViper140d ago

Amazing achievement Sony, well done.

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Jin_Sakai140d ago

“The $499 PS5 proved to be far more popular than the $399 PS5 Digital Edition, with over 75 percent of the total estimated sales.“

Pretty sure that’s because they made far less digital editions and you couldn’t get one.

RgR140d ago

Or more people still prefer the disc version since all digital is getting expensive this gen

JEECE140d ago

Interestingly though there is some demand explicitly for the digital edition. Like I would have been okay with either, but I got a disc version largely because they made so many more of them. But if you look on ebay, you'll see digital editions selling sometimes for within $100 of what the disc edition is selling for (and both over $900).

cell989140d ago

Even if more people prefer the disk version. Obviously all digital versions sold out anyway. So right now it’s not a good time to compare numbers. Everything sold out 🤷🏻‍♂️

rpvenom140d ago

Agreed. I feel like most retailers would only want the disc version as they would accumulate more profit dollars, though very little.. also they would want to encourage people to buy physical discs from there after the fact so selling digital versions would be stupid for them.

Jin_Sakai140d ago

Both are completely sold out and 75% of sales were disk edition so that’s leaves only 25% being digital editions. So they made significantly less digital editions.

“Sony has reportedly made significantly lower quantities of PlayStation 5 Digital Edition available as compared to the standard PS5.”

neutralgamer1992140d ago


Physical gaming media sales are still more than digital. That is a fact. People misunderstand digital revenue for digital game sales. When we are talking about DR that accounts for game sales, dlc, micro transactions, ultimate team etc and EA for example makes 800+ million in ultimate team/micro transactions so you can't look at that and say digital game sales are bigger. Many of those people spending on digital revenue as in MT and ultimate team content have bought physical copies of the game

It's the same thing when people have been projecting the death if consoles for multiple generations yet the demand is higher than before. End of the day 5+ years from now 60-65% of the consoles will be disk based and 30-35% digital

ufo8mycat140d ago

Not surprised by this. With news that games are going to be more expensive ($70 in the US), more people opted for physical, simply because the you can get the physical versions cheaper then the digital counterparts.

Kavorklestein139d ago

You will be able to get the disc versions of games cheaper, But not at launch.
And saving 5 bucks on a disc game a month after launch is beans compared to whoever ends up paying 200+ more for any kind of PS5 they can find to a scalper. The disc savings are not part of the equation yet. But yes, retailers will want to sell disc versions so they can also sell games.

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