Every winner at the Golden Joystick Awards 2020

The award ceremony of the Golden Joystick Awards has just concluded, and the winners have been announced.

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Fraggle198761d ago

It really is TLOU2 is an incredible game.

FATAL1TY61d ago

★ Ultimate Game of the Year ★
The Last of Us 2

Studio of the Year - Naughty Dog
Best Visual Design - The Last of Us 2
Best Storytelling - The Last of Us 2
Best Audio - The Last of Us 2

★ Most Wanted Game ★
God of War: Ragnarok

-Foxtrot61d ago

I think not

Audio and Visual Design of course.


Best Studio (after the whole crunch thing which resulted in a fair few leaving)

What a joke, there was a bunch of games this year more deserving.

(cue the hostile comments)

TripleAAARating61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

@foxtrot....."It's one of the greatest games in the history of mankind" 😁..... I'll quote what I said before again----
"the facts are undeniable there isn't a game in History with the level of attention to detail, butter smooth transitional animations in character movement and overall graphical fidelity that comes close to TLOU part 2...
The narrative is subjective and divisive, but what many don't understand is that this is EXACTLY what the writers intended. So for people like you who spew Hatred because you dislike and disagree with one aspect of the game's narrative and completely ignore everything else it does at a Pristine level, I'm afraid is shallow minded."
Unfortunately for you I'm afraid those awards are gonna keep coming... 😁

-Foxtrot61d ago (Edited 61d ago )


“It's one of the greatest games in the history of mankind"

Dude saying that kind of stuff sounds like you’re in a cult, it’s over the top either way.

You’re just one of these people who try and defend the below average story by saying “that’s what they intended all along” and “it’s supposed to make you feel like that”. Next you’ll be telling us how “our IQ’s are not high enough to understand the rich complexity of an masterfully told deep story”...

You want to praise the graphics, of course

Visuals? Definitely

Audio & Soundtrack? Damn right

However Story, Narrative, Studio, GOTY...I don’t think so, other games deserve them better.

xHeavYx61d ago

It would help your case if you mentioned which games were more deserving.

TripleAAARating61d ago

@foxtrot ...... "Next you’ll be telling us how “our IQ’s are not high enough to understand the rich complexity of an masterfully told deep story”...
You said it not me 😁... you couldn't have state it better, this quote perfectly outlined the conundrum you personally are faced with this game... man it's been MONTHS you've been spewing hate toward TLOU 2, without adequately stating exactly WHY you hate the narrative so much..
I'll make it easy for you, please name a game that is eligible within this years GOTY contenders that you think is more deserving...

Michiel198961d ago

@tripleAAA, so ur telling me that they wrote a story that they knew a decent portion of the playerbase wouldnt like, since it was divisive on purpose? you talk about them like they are some godlike entity beyond the comprehension of mere mortals and ND tasked you as a disciple to spread the word of their greatness.

Now the ultimate question for you: would you let yourself be crucified for them?

-Foxtrot61d ago (Edited 61d ago )


"without adequately stating exactly WHY you hate the narrative so much.."


I've said it TONS of time at release, I could give you a whole little essay breaking down why I didn't like it, hell I'm pretty sure I did on here yet all I get in response is people ignoring what I've said and dumbing it down to "bu bu but you're just saying that because Joel died" while everything else in the comment is thrown away. Either that or something about being sexist, hating strong women or some other excuse.

I don't keep saying it on here because if I or anyone else did you'd get comments directed at me saying "You keep repeating yourself on everypost" and people like yourself would just gloss over it and would say I'm still "hating" on it for "no reason".

So really...what's the point

Since it would be pointless to ramble on for that long, he's some fun memes to get a few of the points across...

Bathyj61d ago

I love that Foxtrot is still so upset his computer Dad died.

Well deserved Naughty Dog.

-Foxtrot61d ago


You’ve just proved my point from above and at the current time of writing it’s only been 30 minutes.

Thank you

bouzebbal61d ago

Biaised reward.. Tlou2 has 0 story it never unfolds..

dumahim61d ago

"so ur telling me that they wrote a story that they knew a decent portion of the playerbase wouldnt like, since it was divisive on purpose?"

Yes. There was a quote I heard earlier this year. I don't remember it exactly and I think it was in relation to the design of something, but it was something like they would rather people love it or hate it rather than be bored or not care. At least they felt something.

Bathyj61d ago

Foxtrot I didn't see your point because I don't read your rants about Last of Us.

bouzebbal61d ago

Tsushima is the goty.. Unmatched artistic style, combat and sound.. A true Swan song to conclude a total dominance

TheKingKratos61d ago (Edited 61d ago )


I don't see you talk about the crunch culture at Rockstar and CDRedProject
But that because you are hypcrite

You cry so much i kinda feel sorry for you ... but you know what i love your tears
keep going

Epicor61d ago

That's classical foxtrot. Dude is full of passive aggressiveness with his black-and-white opinions. If you disagree with him your comment is a "joke". His maturity level never seize to amaze me.

TLOU2 is more than deserving to win GOTY. There is a lot going for it. Sure feel free to disagree but it should be pretty obvious why many won't. Your argument for "best storytelling" is "No". I disagree as I cannot think of any other game that did story telling so well. You do realize that "plot" is different than "storytelling", right? And if one thinks that TLOU2 has an amazing storytelling then it's pretty hard NOT to give GOTY to this game: best visuals, best audio, best(or among best) storytelling --> that kinda leads into GOTY. And if your game is the ultimate game of the year then the "Studio of the year" is a no-brainer as well.

potatoseal61d ago

TLOU2 is my Game Of The Year.

Ghost Of Tsushima coming in 2nd place

r2oB61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

@ foxtrot

If you played the game you would know those memes you posted are silly.

*spoiler alert*

First meme. I’ll admit it was awkward watching that scene. Mainly because as the player controlling Abby its natural to try and relate to the character. But being a straight male I could not relate to that scene (as Abby). However, I am aware that the awkwardness derives from my own preferences and am able to detach myself from the character. Could they have omitted the scene? Sure. Could the same context been conveyed with a kiss instead? Sure. But I’m not going to let an “unnecessary” sex scene be the be all end all for judging a game. Do you think Witcher 3 is a bad game because of an “unnecessary” sex scene?

Second meme. Comparing the cautious nature of a lone 14 year old girl, that’s actively being targeted, in the company of a grown man she doesn’t know is fundamentally different than two grown men being friendly towards a girl they just saved. Ellie’s relationship with Joel has changed him. He probably seen a helpless girl (in his eyes) and introduced himself to show he is not a threat.

Third meme. Ellie wasn’t upset at Joel for saving her and keeping it from her. She made it abundantly clear she was upset because he made the choice for her. She also felt curing the infection would have given her life meaning, something he took away (remember Ellie was a 14 year old girl that just lost her best friend to the infection). She ultimately forgave him but wasn’t able to express that to him. And Ellie did not forgive Abby. The reason she didn’t kill Abby (and vice versa) was for her own sake and sanity. It was the closure she needed to be at peace with herself and forgive herself for how she treated Joel, as well as move on with her life (which is what Joel and Dina wanted). People who haven’t played the game or don’t understand the game think it’s a tale of revenge, but it’s more a tale of closure and redemption for both characters.

anast61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Great game. So many TLOU2 haters out there, though.

repsahj61d ago

...well deserved indeed. Congrats naughty dog for making this game, really a gem this generation. Now waiting game for part 3 to be released on ps5. I hope soon, maybe 2-3 years please?

goldwyncq61d ago

I’m sure most would disagree but I found the story better than in the first game.

61d ago
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Atticus_finch61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

My favorite game this entire gen.
Never has any other entertainment medium made so emotionally invested in it's world and characters. It still makes me emotional thinking about it.
Naughty Dog with U4, U Lost legacy and TLoU2 are untouchable.
Best devs in the industry.

RgR61d ago

Interestingly enough you mention the most divisive naughty dog games within their canvases.

Unlike the unanimous acclaim for tlou1 and uncharted 2

Atticus_finch61d ago

I named NDs most recent titles which happen to be the ones I liked the most.
All ND games since ps2 have been critically acclaimed.

61d ago
gravedigger61d ago

So, TLOU cleaned the house. Amazing

Looks like another 200 GOTY awards club. :D

CaptainHenry91661d ago (Edited 61d ago )

I would have given ghost of Tuishima PS game of the year imo. Ori and the Will of the Wisps is the best Xbox game and its not even an exclusive

LucasRuinedChildhood61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

24 likes and 11 dislikes on this comment? Spam bots incoming from angry TheQuartering fans. It's happened a few times this week alone. They can't stand the fact that most people liked TLOU2.

61d ago
LucasRuinedChildhood61d ago


Your account was made just 39 min ago. You are the pathetic loser - stop using spam bots and making fake accounts.

LucasRuinedChildhood61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

As I predicted when you had 24 likes and 11 dislikes, it wasn't going to be long before someone got offended by the majority being positive about TLOU2 and used spam bots. Complete losers.

With the surge of likes that Foxtrot got out of nowhere ....

-Foxtrot61d ago

Here you go

*gives tin foil hat*

gravedigger61d ago

So much salt. Prepare salty guys, TLOU 2 is here to take more GOTY awards.

61d ago
TheScotsman60d ago

Ultimate whinging moany faced [email protected] of the year -Foxtrot.

Congrats mate. Now let's get you some more butt hurt. ,🖕

60d ago
-Foxtrot60d ago

Awww the little princess is trying to be big and tough on the mean internet, that’s adorable

Why don’t you put your bottle down and take five before you cut yourself on all that edge


TheScotsman60d ago

Well sometimes people like you need it.

You moan non stop about this game, time to get over it m8 it's game of the year and there nothing you can do about it.

Maybe my comments were a little harsh and I apologise, but man your a moaner.

Go do something you like, it's obviously not gaming.
And I'm not trying to be big and tough I am BIG and Tough. And it's not a bottle it's a large can of whoopass, come get some 😘

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Brazz61d ago

Last of US II is the big winner of Golden Joystick and also Game of the year.

TGGJustin61d ago

TLOU2 swept like it deserves. The ironic thing is that these were user voted. That loud minority of haters can go cry in the corner.

RgR61d ago

I would like to see a list of user account names to go with the votes.

mac_sparrow61d ago

Me too, I bet Joel Miller is on the list thousands of times and we all know he's not eligible to vote anymore.

Stop the steal, right?

Just in case it's necessary... /S

RgR61d ago


Not sure it's a steal. But it would be good to see. Nothing wrong with transparency I think.

Especially for something so legitimate, right?

repsahj61d ago

50% of the votes are from haters. Hahaha!

Lore61d ago

Still felt as though FFVII Remake was more well deserving

Popsicle61d ago

@Lore Agreed. I would at least given it best audio. The sound track was amazing!

LucasRuinedChildhood61d ago

TheQuartering fans: "Damn. It's a shame we didn't hear about those awards. We would have made thousands of accounts like we did on Metacritic because we have nothing better to do with our lives."

NEXUS-661d ago

Jeremy is a sad sack at times, his content got boring long ago.

VerminSC61d ago

The haters are so passionate they make multiple accounts just to downvote

TheKingKratos61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Yeah that is the funny thing about it
It was gamers who vote it as game of the year ... which show how pathetic the trolls are who think they represent the gamers

61d ago
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61d ago Replies(2)
Gianoni3361d ago

Hades won the critcs choice!!!! Well deserved.

The Wood61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

This studio made Transistor which is also a very good game. Ill be grabbing this as soon as it gets released on console. The moment I saw footage of this I knew it was by the same studio without looking because of the similarities