The Medium for Xbox Series X/S & PC Gets New Trailer Revealing a Mysterious Character

Bloober Team released new trailer of its upcoming third-person psychological horror game The Medium, revealing a new character.

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rlow163d ago

Looking good. This is looking better every time I see it.

GamerBeast198263d ago

Will this be playable on the X1X ?. as i won't be upgrading my X1X just for one exclusive game on the whole sytem that interests me.

TravsVoid60d ago

If I didn't get a One X at launch I would upgrade but I might just wait for a price drop this time around, I sold my PS4 Pro but I'm still not interested enough to jump into the next gen yet.

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Aussiesummer63d ago

The beksinski art direction is the one thing that interests me with this, great to see a game finally celebrating his astonishing art.

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