New mod has Skyrim running at 60fps on Xbox Series X

Because Microsoft's super-powered machine needs help running a nine-year-old game

SullysCigar1105d ago

Tbh, it shouldn't need a mod, it should be patched officially. Skyrim is ancient now lol

Even PS4 was running Skyrim at 60fps (locked) for over 3 years now - in VR!

1104d ago
SullysCigar1104d ago

^ @TheLastRun, yes, running on 1.7 TFlops - and that was GCN! This illustrates my point, but it's worth noting that the PS4 Pro patch looks great by comparison.

Next gen consoles have many HUGE technical advantages and should run this game with all the bells and whistles at 60fps without breaking the slightest sweat. Relax, nobodies attacking your precious, it was just an observation.

They'll patch it for framerate at least. Just watch!

IanTH1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

Given the 400 versions of Skyrim out there, I'm guessing they'll release Skyrim: Dovahkiin Double-Dip Deluxe Edition for next gen systems. They'll add some more bells and whistles, sure, but giving a free 60fps patch would just remove one more bullet point on the box for the next gen version.

1103d ago
Vits1103d ago

It's more that it need a patch. The Xbox One version - that I assume is the one that is being talked about - run at locked 30 FPS. So without a patch. Running it on backward compatibility will also land you at 30 fps.

solideagle1103d ago

I did not know that Xbox has mod support. does PS5 supports mod?

1103d ago
porkChop1103d ago

Mod support is there on PS, but it's extremely limited. You can't add anything new, you can only use the models and such that are already in the game.

The mods on Xbox are unrestricted like on PC.

shabz6661103d ago

Microsoft did mention they are working on a method to double up frame rates on old games without need for developers to go back into the code, they demonstrated that with fallout 4, so 60fps on older games definitely happening at some point.

SierraGuy1103d ago

Again....wait... until E3. 😂

BrainSyphoned1103d ago

Even on its own system Bethesda needs others to do the heavy lifting.

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