Star Citizen Reveals New Studio to Create Planets & Gets Trailer as Crowdfunding Passes $323 Million

Today Cloud Imperium Games and Turbulent had a couple of relevant reveals related to the growing space simulator Star Citizen.

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UnSelf52d ago

These guys going for GOTC

Jin_Sakai52d ago

You mean scam of the century?

Sonic-and-Crash52d ago

biggest fraud in gaming ever ...already the visuals and gameplay seem outdated after the countless delays ....and millions still rising ....i wonder who wastes even 1 euro to them

Tech552d ago

it's an online game. i feel like i keep on saying this. anyways gamers don't have to buy any of the expensive stuff. and there is no limit to a in-game pricing system in first place. Unreal Engine also supports enabling in-game transactions and sellers can set their prices to any scale for any in-game content.

zawepa52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

"biggest fraud in gaming ever ..."

las vegas is still the biggest fraud to gaming for over 7 decades now.
just one of their gaming machines alone can make more than star citizen makes in 3 weeks....
the only place where you can lose all of your wealth in 15 minutes.

Tekken6663452d ago

this is pretty big but at the same time Las Vegas is way worse. lives are destroyed and addictions are created and it's all legal. at the very least star citizen gamers get to keep playing without being ejected from playing.

Omegasyde52d ago

Wtf does a city have to do with a game that will never leave Beta?

Gambling is implied that some win some don’t just like the Lotto.

Here you are paying for a game that is buggy and no where near a final release. 🤦‍♂️

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SmokinAces52d ago

These guys are working on getting sued.

FPSFox52d ago

Nah. I hate this game / dev as well, but honestly, there's never gonna' be a lawsuit. I'm sure they have it printed a million times in their agreement that you are putting your money towards a project in development and there is no commitment to see it through to the end, just like all Kickstarter / early access crap.

Honestly, I really want this game to crash and burn. It sets a really disgusting precedent as I don't like the idea of paying for a game 6 years in advance and still not having a final product in my hand, and it'd also teach the super gullible a hard lesson, which would hopefully dissuade this type of 'business model' in the future.

Spartacus1052d ago

They should develop it for android and ios because by the time it comes out phones will be powerful enough to run it.

cell98952d ago

It already looks outdated lol

ApocalypseShadow52d ago (Edited 52d ago )


Pay as a Service.

No thanks. I'll pass on that.


"Passes $323 Million", hmmm looks on the torrent sites when the SP portion is released but will not play it LOL.

jwillj2k452d ago

PlayStation 8 6/10 2018


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The story is too old to be commented.