FIFA 21 Next-Gen to Deliver 'Most Authentic Matchday Experience'

EA Sports has unveiled the next-gen enhancements players of FIFA 21 on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S can enjoy when it launches on December 4.

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Damrock52d ago

The gameplay is so bad and in need of such a big overall but this is what we are getting?....

"New game cinematic including seeing the team bus arrive at the stadium"

Amazing job EA...

Telford9152d ago

I'm shocked they're giving us a free upgrade tbh

PrimeVinister52d ago

I am expecting a $60 Legacy Edition on Xbox One and PS4 next year.

Spartacus1051d ago

Its only because they they make more money from ultimate gambling mode than they do selling the actual game.

b163o152d ago

The gameplay just continues to fall off more and more every season. I use to go buy FIFA the day of, now I'm contemplating if I'm even gonna get 21...

1nsomniac52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

I don’t understand, why would you purchase the ps5 version for £80 when the PS4 upgrade is free?

And what the hell makes them think they can sell FIFA for £80 in the first place!! That’s insane!

philm8751d ago

where does it say £80?!? It's £32.99 digital at the moment on PS4/PS5. 69.99 euros is the full rrp.

neutralgamer199252d ago

Long time ago I use to buy sports titles

PrimeVinister52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

PES 2021 Season Update is basically a Legacy Edition but it's $30 or less at launch and a genuinely worthwhile experience.

If you have any interest in soccer, watch someone play PES on full manual.

philm8751d ago

They really need to improve the online experience though, it's what's really holding PES back. Too soon to tag the esports on the front of the title.

PrimeVinister51d ago

@philm87 Oh, I totally agree. It's short on online quantity and quality, I usually stop playing anything but Master League after two months or so.

eXclurel52d ago

So fans coming by bus, audio and lighting enhancements. Except that it's the same game as the last 10 years.

onemanwolfp4kv252d ago

I see a common theme that ea is using for its sports games, "most authentic." I don't think they would know what authentic was even if it was jammed down their throat as a micro-transaction.

Angrymorgan51d ago

The most authentic part is the price....

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The story is too old to be commented.