Waltz of the Wizard Studio Halts PlayStation VR Updates Until Sony Reveals ‘What’s Next’

The next update 'Natural Magic' simply won't work because of platform limitations.

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SullysCigar59d ago

With the best will in the world, nobody is going to give a crap about this guy not providing updates to Waltz of the Wizard on PSVR, because that ship has sailed. It was a fun novelty experience, but that's it - just as it got going it was over. It seems to me 'Natural Magic' is the rest of the game that should have been there at launch, especially for the price they chose to attach to the game.

This guy is whining about not knowing Sony's upcoming VR plans like he's something special or they're being unreasonable. Of course Sony are tight lipped - the way Facebook operate, if Sony announced the full plans and specs of PSVR2 tomorrow and said it will launch in June 2021, a new Oculus headset would be released in March lmao

When you're the biggest player in the industry, you have to keep schtum until the last minute. They did it with the PS5 and look what we have - the best launch games, the best controller, the best versions of multiplatform games, the best connectivity and the list goes on. All because they didn't show their competitors - or anyone outside of their inner circle - their hand until they absolutely HAD to.

ApocalypseShadow59d ago (Edited 59d ago )


That's what I got when I read it last night. I have Waltz of the Wizard that I bought for like $5-10 bucks on a sale for PSVR and it's not even a game. It's nice. But it's straight up what gamers call "Tech Demo." Something interesting if it came out at launch. But not when it came out which was August 2019. 3 years after PSVR released. There's no actual GAME to it. By then I was playing Skyrim, The Wizards and The Mage's Tale. Actual GAMES that I could use magic. It's a waste of time making potions when you have nothing to use it on in a game.

Their halting because Sony hasn't mentioned PSVR 2 yet is no sweat off my back. I'll continue playing real games and experiences that are really fun. Currently having a blast as a Jedi/Sith..whatever in Vader Immortal. So fun in the dojo that it makes my arm hurt from playing again and again. Had to even take a day off to rest my eyes and arm I was playing so much. And I'm more a Star Trek fan who's not a full on Star Wars fan. The old ones. Not so much the new ones.

This developer can take a hike until they make an actual game. These PC developers think consoles and headset releases are the same as on PC. They got no sense.

porkChop58d ago

"Their halting because Sony hasn't mentioned PSVR 2 yet is no sweat off my back."

Did you read the article? That's not why they're halting development. They stopped because their new projects and updates can't work on PSVR because of the platform limitations.

The reason he mentioned PSVR 2 is because he can't move development to it until he knows what tech and features it has. So of course he's going to be frustrated. That's an entire revenue stream that he has to essentially cut off now.

ApocalypseShadow58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Pork chop, I know what he said. And the dev is on PSVR Reddit trying to explain why they aren't continuing to develop a TECH DEMO. There's nothing there but mostly a room. Sony is not going to tell them anything when they are concentrating on PS5. It's also clear that games can be improved through BC. Blood and Truth runs at 4K then down samples. Heard it looks amazing from those experiencing on PS5. Even from NX Gamer.

There's plenty of gamers who have the headset right now that can appreciate more games. He even says on Reddit that it's more about analyzing how gamers interact in VR than being a GAME. The fact that their "GAME" is way outdone by other indie developers who actually made games means that I'm not losing any sleep from them pulling back. Just like CCP pulled back after trying to sell. Eve Valkyrie as a GaaS game way before enough headsets were sold to support their game. And Sparc had no single player. Glad I didn't buy that because it wasted gamers time and money.

The fact others got more out of PSVR than they did means they didn't max the platform out. And YOU KNOW IT. They develop for Quest buy Quest power is inferior than base PS4. They ride the hype train but have nothing of substance. On a platform that has sold LESS than PSVR. Get back to me when Microsoft gets "high fidelity VR." Besides having games for launch. Acting like you know what's going on.