Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay on PS5 & PS4 Pro Revealed

Today CD Projekt RED released a new video of Cyberpunk 2077 showcasing what you can expect from the game if you have a PlayStation console.

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Hellcat202056d ago

Looks great even on the ps4 pro

Army_of_Darkness56d ago

What do you mean even on the pro?! The pro is still badass bro!

Hellcat202056d ago

I know
I have a pro and a ps5
I just didn't think it would look that good on ps4

Army_of_Darkness56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

How could you have so little faith? Have you played horizon zero dawn on pro!? 🤯 Plays and looks amazing!

Ashunderfire8656d ago

When you say pro bro 😎 I can imagine a character in the game saying that lol 😂


It looks fantastic. If they'd told me this was the next-gen version, I would have believe them.

potatoseal56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

They're not really showing PS5 footage at all. It's PS4 Backwards Compatibilty played on PS5. I'm definitely going to WAIT until they release a real Next-Gen version. I've waited this long, I can wait a while longer.

RaidenBlack56d ago

I'll agree. For current-gen console/6800 card owners. Wait till next-year.
Might be tough amidst the leaking and boasting from last-gen/RTX card owners. But it'll be worth it.
Now only if they release the update/upgrade on-time/Sooner.
"Sometime next year" ~ doesn't instill much confidence.

Nicknasty56d ago

I think I read that the developers said they will release a free upgrade in the future for us PS5 owners. They seemed to think it could be quite awhile before we see it though. Really wish with all the delay, they would’ve already had a proper PS5 version to purchase on day 1.

Rude-ro56d ago

It will be the same version.
Just more make up and performance options...
But still the identical game.

onemanwolfp4kv256d ago

completely understand where you are coming from but I will be getting day one and re-playing when the next gen comes out. main reason for that is trying to avoid spoilers bc you know there will be assholes out there that love to piss people off.

on a sadder note I wish I could snag 1 of those 3500 ps5's that retailer has :-(

MajorLazer56d ago

Retailer? It's a group of scalpers.

cd156d ago

I wasn't going to wait when it was originally being released on the same day as PS5 in the UK but I will now.

wwinterj56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Given the game gets a free upgrade when they have the next gen version out I see no reason for me to wait. IF I cared that much about playing the best version I'd be gaming on PC a long time ago. I do want to see PS4/Xbox One gameplay though out of curiosity.

gamer780456d ago

right, its same for xbox one x and xbox series x, it will load better and run a bit faster, maybe higher dynamic res but no next gen specific features. still looks good enough to not wait for a next gen patch on ps5 or xsx

Bathyj56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Same. Don't want to sully myself with last gen games.

I'm kidding of course, but I am going to wait for Ps5 version.

cellmember56d ago

exactly what i thought when i watched it. doesn't really count demoing it on ps5 the ps4 pro version. Great it runs, so what. im going to pick it up on steam first and then maybe grab it on my ps5 once the patch comes out.

Ausbo56d ago

Just know that it probably won’t come out until end of spring. CD PROJEKT tend to be perfectionists, and we know they don’t have a problem delaying until it’s exactly what they want.

Mister_Wolf55d ago

100% waiting for the next gen update.

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CrimsonWing6956d ago

The game looks so good but it kills me that there's only like 2 people standing on the sidewalk when he drives around

Just distracting and makes the world feel less lived in.

stevej33656d ago

How many people do you expect to see hanging out on sidewalks at night?

Hellcat202056d ago

You must live in a small town

Sunny_D56d ago

Definitely a lot more in a bustling city like this. Also, when you look at old previews it definitely looks like they had to downgrade the amount of NPC’s in the city. There was a lot more in 2018 preview. I hope the next gen version updates add more NPC’s.

CrimsonWing6956d ago (Edited 56d ago )

More than 2.

You ever been to New York?

FPSFox56d ago

Ever been to Vegas? Night City doesn't strike me as the type of place where everybody's tucked in bed by midnight.


Come to LA where I live then maybe you'll have your answer.

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Neo11156d ago

If you would spend some time reading impressions of people who played the game, you would know that there are crowded places (especially at certain times), but there are also places and times where you won't see crowds (e.g. dangerous areas at night).

CrimsonWing6956d ago (Edited 56d ago )

What is this “reading” you speak of?

I’m pretty sure I was speaking contextually to the video where it doesn’t show a crowded area with pedestrians. Which was the the whole bit of me saying “only 2 people when he drives by” and how that makes “the world feel less lived in.”

boing156d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Maybe there is still pandemic in 2077. Good excuse for empty streets.

CrimsonWing6956d ago

But what about the cyber-lungs?

Elda56d ago

I've got 7 PS5 games & a backlog of PS4 games to finish playing I'll wait until next year to pick this up when there's a PS5 version.

CobraKai56d ago

Me too. Shoot I got a backlog of PS360 games still.

Tapani56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

I still have a backlog from Japan-only released PSX games. Just bought Tear Ring Saga and Policenauts PSX games yesterday. Cost me 12 bucks!

Plus PS2 games like Valkyrie Profile 2 and Shadow Hearts 3. PS3 Nier Replicant. Ohh and PS4/Switch has like 7 games to finish and on Steam another 7.

Maybe I won’t buy that 6800xt and PS5 after all... Or Cyberpunk!

CobraKai56d ago

@Tapani I always wanted Snatcher and Policenauts. Too bad we never got some kind of remake.

Neo11156d ago

Ride a bike when a Ferrari just parked in the garage - I admire the commitment :-)

Traecy56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

That Ferrari parked in the garage may not be running or working at the moment. They may ride that bike until the Ferrari is working & running properly.

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