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From the review: "If we allow this magical world to be catalysed, to be possessed, to be cooked, to be raided by the mediocrity that Valhalla triumphantly and complacently represents, it is better to take our consoles and PCs and throw them off the balcony, and to sink into our couch watching Big Brother. Because if we accept as a norm and rule this golden and glittering mediocrity in our life, well, we are mediocre too.

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Hikoran56d ago

Couldn't agree more. Seen far to many 8/9/10 scores for the game when it's one of the most basic and lazy ACs to date. I'm about half way through and would give it a 5/10 too.


It’s a big improvement over origins and Odyssey in quest design, world design, and combat. They also tried to make stealth at the very least semi-important and even gave an option for one hit assassinations. If it wasn’t for the numerous bugs I’d give it an 8.5 or so but due to the bugs it’s probably around a 7. Definitely not a 5/10 game.