Microsoft’s Phil Spencer on launching the new Xbox and the future of games

The head of Xbox talks about the latest console launch.

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OtterX52d ago

What irks me here is that he is basically saying that he doesn't care if people are educated on the difference of system names, the X vs the S. He says people go into a store and know there is a more expensive one, and a cheaper one. There is going to be a lot of confusion with consumers who don't live and breathe gaming news - parents, grandparents, girlfriends, wives who just buy the cheaper one not knowing that it's actually underpowered, not just scaled back on hardware features.

I used to love my 360, bt MS has really lost its way these days.

Army_of_Darkness52d ago

So their intentions is to sneak a quick one on those "clueless" casual gamers!
Tsk... Tsk...

Luc2052d ago

They are advertising relentlessly xb one s for £249. I'm sure a lot of parents will buy it for Christmas thinking it's the new console as the price is the same for xb as. Let's confuse unaware customers. shoddy business.


Anyone that can casually spend hundreds of dollars without knowing what they're buying has more money than sense....what does that have to do with Microsoft?

A fool and his money are soon parted. This concept extends far beyond the realm of gaming.

S2Killinit52d ago

Not to mention the kids who will think they have a next gen machine. And thats not even mentioning that when MS advertises, they use series X footage.

Godmars29052d ago (Edited 52d ago )

That's been MS's motto from almost the very beginning if not then.

The Xbox fan camp keeps touting, defending, "choice" when MS offers something suggestive of it. Now you've got a clear example of the "choice" MS offers, and all you can just say is "A fool and his money are soon parted."


DiRtY52d ago Show
Godmars29052d ago

No, that sucks too. Almost as much considering the smaller SSD, being unable to save transfer or run files off an external drive, still, the non-disc PS5 performs the same as a PS5 that has a disc drive. There isn't a notable drop in overall system performance when all you've been touting is system performance.

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darthv7252d ago

given the current state of things... I don't see that as a problem. When stock is available at retail then maybe but for now its pretty dry out there in terms of Xbox Series and PS5 systems.

Prubar52d ago

I agree that the naming could be better but I also see why they can’t go the PlayStation rout. Because if you’re assuming that costumers can’t tell the difference between X1X/X1S or XSX/XSS then you also have to assume that costumers would see PlayStation 5 and Xbox 4 and assume the PS5 is newer based off the #.

Petebloodyonion52d ago

From the article
"We can look at Series S and Series X, even the enunciation of S and X isn’t the easiest to differentiate. For most consumers, they walk in and one’s $500 and one’s $300. That’s the difference. Not to make everything about the iPhone, but if you asked me to explain the iPhone lineup, I can’t really do it, but when I walk in the store, it’s pretty clear. One’s big, one’s not, one’s $1,000, one’s $800, whatever."

I think he's saying that ppl will know that there's a difference in power between them but both will play the same game hence the Iphone analogy.

AngelicIceDiamond52d ago

I guess ppl are incapable of asking questions? Not arguing against you or anything it's just strange we just assume uneducated customers just can't ask the differences? By initially seeing the consoles one being S and the other being the X you immediately notice the differences clearly of the sizes and price. Plus with Series on the box they are pretty self explanatory.

aconnellan52d ago

I read the same section (posted by another commenter for reference), and it reads to me that he’s more trusting consumers to know the difference.

If someone walks into a store who doesn’t have a clue, and sees 2 Xboxes with different packaging and a different price point, they’re going to ask the guy at the counter what the difference is. Contrary to what some people on N4G say, people don’t panic-purchase $300-$500 consoles when they don’t know which does what

OtterX52d ago

I worked 3 years in Gamestop management, believe me - they do. I had a mom upset one time because she couldn't understand why her son couldn't have Mario on his Playstation.

Jericho133752d ago

People don’t just splash out hundred of pounds without knowing what they’re buying. If they do, they’ve probably got more money than they know what to do with.

But yeah, anything to slag Microsoft and Phil Spencer off.


If you're spending $300-$500 on something you know little about and don't think to at least ask a store employee about what the SKU differences are....that says more about the consumer than Microsoft.

You really don't value your own money if you buy things without doing the proper research first.

NotoriousWhiz52d ago

Some people can spend $300 on one night at a restaurant with food and drinks for the family. Doesn't strike me as a big difference to throw that money on some electronic.

AngelicIceDiamond52d ago

"What irks me here is that he is basically saying that he doesn't care if people are educated on the difference of system names, the X vs the S."

For starters they're his consoles why would he care which one you buy? He did his initial job and telling ppl which console is which when he announced them.

"There is going to be a lot of confusion with consumers who don't live and breathe gaming news "

Power talk mumbo jumbo almost never takes place instead
There's only 3 things that ppl will only really care about or look for. The storage and which console fits there TV and price. I have this type of TV so I'm going with X or S. I download allot on gamepass so X, the price is good for me overall so S.

It's really the clerk that needs to know his old hers stuff here.

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Normann52d ago

Da fugg.. Why are they showing a pic og Jamie Oliver?

BattleCat52d ago

Better not talking, when not delivering.

SierraGuy52d ago

Oh he's delivering!!

That's sadly why he was brought in... the console war died long time ago...if it ever existed.

KratosKonundrum52d ago

Hang it up, Phil. Your controller and UI design coupled with the fact that PS5 is proving to be more powerful means you didn't go all out for your dwindling base of fans.

The sooner Xbox becomes a publisher the better it's going to be for the entire industry.

S2Killinit52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

He is literally the last person I want to hear talking about “the ‘future’ of gaming”

Deathdeliverer52d ago

Hey hey hey!!! I love my Series X controller. That, I’m dead ass serious, sandpaper feel is grippy as hell. It just feels nice. I do like my PS5 controller more for various reasons, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Series X controller is good and better than the Xbox One controller.

Ausbo52d ago

Don’t talk sense on this site. It will amount in mass disagrees

goldwyncq52d ago

> proving to be more powerful
> loads multiplat games slower despite having a faster SSD


MrNinosan52d ago

Now you’re talking old games, while this about future games (the new current gen), and no game for current gen has faster loading on the Series X as of now.

derek52d ago

Number 1 game on Xbox i believe is Netflix, lol. Xbox fanatics paid $500 to play the old games they weren't playing last gen.

NotoriousWhiz52d ago

No matter how bad Xbox is, Sony needs a competitor, or we can expect them to start charging $100 for games.

51d ago
NotoriousWhiz51d ago

Nintendo and PC aren't really competitors. They are more complementary than competitive.

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ABizzel152d ago

This was actually a good read.

It's interesting to see their business model and take with GamePass and trying to expand outside of the traditional gaming market with Streaming.

With GamePass they're obviously taking a large loss upfront in the hopes of making that money back up once they establish the service as THE PLACE for games, in which case they will need their entire ~60m user base (based on XBO) onboard but also non-traditional console gamers as well. It's a high risk, and its one I don't think is going to pan out for them the way they want. I see it being a successful service and reaching around 40m subscribers, but you have to deal with laws of other countries & censorship, simply being able to simply offer the service in other countries, and getting non-console gamers to even care about a console-style streaming service.

I think GamePass is a golden opportunity from a developers standpoint, because obviously Xbox is throwing money left and aright at them to build a pool of good content, and on top of that they can still get PlayStation, Switch, and in some cases mobile sales as well. Xbox is literally covering almost entire development budgets and paying a chunk of cash (tens of thousands/hundreds of thousands / and even millions) to get exclusive content. Again this is causing them to take a big loss on the service but for developers, this is the golden age of having the publisher under their thumb.

Now the problem is leaking money for too long then it will inevitably lead to a price increase of $20/mo. then up to $30/mo., Content quantity or quality (/if not both) with be reduced to maximize profits, and if it still doesn't make the profit it needs then eventually it will have to be completely restructured and rebranded into something else (Something like PS+ Collection but more expansive) or canceled.

It's a big risk but considered they've been outsold by the competition every generation it's one they had to make, although I personally would have gone another route as this goal isn't going to be the standard for the industry for another 10 - 15 years. The PC focus is obviously an improvement for them as PC software sales have soared to the point of surpassing Xbox and rivaling PlayStation last year for major publishers.

crazyCoconuts52d ago

Good comments. In terms of leaking money, I think they may need to make major concessions in order to keep their base firmly in the Xbox camp. Without even the power narrative to go on, once supply catches up I think Xbox will be at a massive sales disadvantage, and they'll have to resort to price cuts and bundling to come close to competing. I wonder if Phil keeps his job after this series of debacles

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