Microsoft Flight Simulator Release Notes ( World Update II: U.S. Now Available

As announced a few weeks ago, Microsoft and Asobo Studio released the second World Update for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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iplay1up262d ago

I am trying to get a Series X! This is going to be cool, when it finally comes to XBOX!

Abriael62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

It's cool now. Cooler than it could ever be on a console.

iplay1up260d ago

Series X is basically a PC. It has more power than most PC's people own now. Sure that will change but right now it's true. I am sure Series X Flight Simulator performance will be on par with PC.

Abriael60d ago

@iplay1up2: console players won't get any access to the thousands of free add-ons developed by the community, which makes the simulator 100% better.