Warframe PS5 Release Date Set for Nov. 26, Here Are the New Features

Digital Extremes has announced the Warframe PS5 release date is set for November 26! Here's some of the new-gen features coming.

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cell98953d ago

I’ll finally give this game an opportunity

Babadook752d ago

That’s a good idea. I will try it. It’s not the game it started as. Closer to Destiny I hear.

cell98952d ago

I’ve played over 1000 hrs of Destiny so that’s already exciting

Elwenil52d ago

I have played Warframe since the PS4 launch and I wouldn't say it's very similar to Destiny. Maybe in the most basic "you go on missions, you shoot stuff" sort of way, but that's about it.

gravedigger52d ago

Great! Adaptive Triggers and Activity Cards suppport