The World Ends With You Proves Innovation In Game Design Can Carry A Series To A New Generation

The history of The World Ends With You proves that innovation in game design goes a long way in keeping fans interested through generations.

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GrizToof51d ago

I am a fan of jrpgs but was never a huge fan of this game. It does make me happy to see this game getting a sequel because it makes me hopeful that we way see some other more obscure games get sequels as well down the road.

instantstupor50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

What's interesting to me is that they seemed to have always had some faith in this game. Released on DS forever ago, then given a mobile treatment on both Android and iOS, and then the Remix on Switch. I guess they saw enough interest over those versions to greenlight a sequel for a modest amount of money. Sadly, I think unless you see a company give those kind of indications of their interest in an older series, the odds are much slimmer for a new entry.

I've always been surprised more big publishers don't put out mid-tier games with small to mid sized budgets. Those can be great games, would have low risk if it fails, but huge upside if it becomes popular. They have shorter development time, give more variety in releases, are generally cheaper to buy, and are the place where it is easier to justify taking chances on new mechanics and such. I feel TWEWY kinda fits into that niche. Would like to see more releases in that AA niche.