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Demon’s Souls is the second-best launch title of all time, and easily the best Sony launch title ever.

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potatoseal56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Great review.

"Bluepoint knocked it out of the park so far the ball killed someone in a distant suburb." LOL

Army_of_Darkness56d ago

Sony is definitely going to acquire Blue point after this.
And we all know blue point wants it.

neutralgamer199256d ago (Edited 56d ago )

rumor has it sony will announce it in february

SullysCigar56d ago

Blue Point definitely wants it, the little

solideagle56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

what is the first-best launch title of all time? I am assuming Halo? ah ok Mario64...

SullysCigar56d ago

Up until Demon's Souls, most would have said Mario 64. Now, some people are definitely backing Demon's Souls and once you play it, you understand why!

potatoseal56d ago

I initally said that Demon's Souls was the greatest launch game of all time, but after I really thought about., I can't go past Mario 64. I still remember how that game made me feel when I first played it. I fully agree that Demon's Souls is 2nd. But it is most definitely Playstation's best launch game of all time imo.

Omegasyde56d ago

Love demon souls, but gotta tip my hat to mario64. That game blew my mind.

Imalwaysright56d ago


I love Demon's Souls but it ain't Mario 64. Not only was Mario an incredible game quality wise but it also completely changed gaming and it's one of the pillars of 3D gaming. Literally one of the most important games ever made.

SullysCigar56d ago

^ @Ima, I'm not trying to make a case for Demon's Souls here, but we shouldn't forget it spawned an entire genre. Without it there'd be no Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Serkiro, Nioh and the like.

Mario 64 was amazing at the time, for sure and I remember being blown away by it. Coming from games like Mario 3 (which I adored), it was such a departure and was full of character. Only VR has got me to a similar state of awe since, where I've genuinely felt like what I'm playing is a game changer!

Imalwaysright56d ago


Demon's Souls is an action rpg and with that said I obviously don't agree when you or others say that it started a new genre.

SyntheticForm55d ago


But it factually did start a new genre.

The unique combination of combat, healing, level design, and its unique checkpoint system paved the way for Dark Souls and many imitators.

As for which left a bigger mark on the industry, Mario 64 or Demon's Souls - well I'm not even going to touch that one.

BenRC0155d ago

Halo for me. Nothing like it on consoles at the time. Or soul Calibur

Imalwaysright55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

"factually" according to whom? You? Is Demon's Souls an action rpg or not? If it is, was Demon's Souls the 1st action RPG? Yes or no? BTW, Demon's and Dark souls have completely different level designs.

"well I'm not even going to touch that one." Yeah it would be pretty stupid to argue against a game that is one of the pillars of 3D gaming.

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Atticus_finch56d ago

I love Demons souls.
Luckily I never played the original.
What a beautiful game. MUAH!
I wish Bluepoint would make every souls game going forward. Their tech prowess really elevates the souls experience.

Storm2356d ago

This is my first souls game or any game like it. It definitely doesn't hold your hand (not talking about difficulty, which is tough but not as bad as everyone said it would be). Figuring out how to level up your character and getting magic and making sure you are high enough in you character attributes to be able to use magic and such has been the toughest part for me. I also am not sure why my character feels so weak many times against a lot of new enemies. Are you supposed to just grind for souls over and over again on previously played areas to rank up stuff before trying new places? I'm having a lot of fun and it is really pretty but those are my areas I am struggling with so far. Guess that's part of the figuring it all out phase of this game.

Atticus_finch56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Yea the first time is the hardest.
And for me grinding is the best way to overcome new enemies but it works well given that there's many secrets hidden through the world but once you're strong enough ignore the weaker enemies. Keep in mind that many enemies have a weakness like fire or poison and that helps greatly against strong foes. Try different weapons too, a big weapon helps a lot against enemies with shields.
The game is hard don't be ashamed to do some research when ever it gets too difficult.

Storm2356d ago

Thanks. I have been finding some really cool hidden paths. The second level, I guess 2-2 after the giant spider with all the underground caves almost destroyed me. I was so lost. I didn't even get to a boss fight. I finally found my way back to where I killed the spider and went back to the nexus. I was so happy to make it out alive.

potatoseal56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Different weapons can do different damages on certain enemies. You could try getting a weapon called he Falchion on the world 4-1. In the first section (it's not hard to get). That weapon will slice those enemies in 2-2 much easier. The miners and the big glowing red rock monsters too. The weapon scales when you raise your Magic stat too.

Storm2356d ago

Thanks for that advice. Will give that a go. Took way too long to kill those damn things with sword I have now.

Vanfernal55d ago

If you feel weak you might just be using the wrong strategy. For example, in Stonefang the lizard men are stupidly strong against slash attacks. However, they are weak to piercing and even weaker to magic. The game is doesn't hold your hand, but it does a decent job of leading you in the right direction (they give you a pick axe which is piercing damage). You can should have at least one of each weapon type in hand and switch them up if things are too rough.

Storm2355d ago

Cool thanks. Will try that. How about cost of upgrading each weapon type. Just evenly upgrade them or have a beefed up go to with some others that are ok?

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VileAndVicious56d ago

This is an interesting idea specifically relating to the Demon's Souls franchise (since Sony hasn't done anything with it anyway). Although Bluepoint might be more than capable from a technical standpoint I believe it wouldn't be the same experience without Miyazaki and his ideas.

Atticus_finch56d ago

I agree, souls games would not have the be same if it wasn't for their japanese influence. Fromsoft working with Bluepoint would make a perfect team.

potatoseal56d ago

Sony should buy FromSoft and BluePoint... then combine them. BOOYAH

oldenjon56d ago

Ridiculous. Bluepoint only made an already great game look better on next gen hardware. Why does anyone think bluepoint should make games or that Sony should buy them? They do remakes, thats it.

NEXUS-656d ago

Its been know for quite some time that Bluepoints next game is a new ip. I'm sure they'd prefer to be owned by Sony than to go it alone.

If you saw the DS credits, they are very tight with Sony.

Imalwaysright56d ago

Couldn't agree more. All that Bluepoint had to do was to stay faithful to the original and make the improvements that a console like the PS5 allows to have a masterpiece in their hands. The original is that good so I cringe when I see comments from people that are apparently surprised that a faithful remake of a stellar game ended up being a stellar game.

lifeisgamesok56d ago

Some of the remakes they could tackle can be some of the greatest games, like imagine if they remake Metal Gear Solid

Atticus_finch56d ago

@Oldenjo Your point of view is a bit ridiculous to me. Their remakes have been universally praised for elevating the original experience.
The truth is that although Demons Souls is a great game, dark souls and bloodborne have better gameplay and more intricate map layout. But I'm enjoying Demon souls much more because of how detailed and incredibly it looks. The controls are fluid and immediate. And the sound effects are almost on par with something from Naughty dog.
I would've never played DS if it wasn't for this remake.

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Sunny1234556d ago

I am so jelly of you. I have platinumed every souls game so far, can't wait to deep dive into this one once I get my ps5, hopefully by Xmas.

potatoseal56d ago

Me too and I just platinumed Demon's Souls on PS5 a couple of days ago. Such a great time. I think the Platinum for Demon's Souls was harder (or more finnicky) than any of the other souls games. But I had a blast doing it.

ssj2756d ago

How is been lucky not playing the original i did and finish it and literally only remember like 20% of the game still feels like a new game to me. I mean it was 12 or 13 year ago that it came out. The little i remember about it was just how i remember it bluepoint did a outstanding job.

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l33t_haxx0r56d ago

fantastic update to the original, I wish they would have left the dupe glitch though as I had an accident and cannot buy poison arrows any more lol

oldenjon56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

These game are all about replayability. NG or NG+

Weapon_of_choice56d ago

Yup especially pvp, I discovered that in DS3 a character can not have more that 999,59 hours😁

gaffyh56d ago

Pricey for a remake (even though its a big one!), £68~

NEXUS-656d ago

Although you're correct in calling it a remake, doing so in a dismissive tone is for the game a disservice.

It really is a class above others at this point. Has to be played and experienced to appreciate it.

zacfoldor56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Remakes can be worth more than full games, easily. Do you really think RE2 was worth less than some of the crap "new" games we get released on launch this time with terrible user and critic scores, being obviously terrible games?

If you want to go after something for overcharging, go after bad games first, then come back around to GOAT remakes from incredible developers that spared no expense.

From a graphical perspective, this is the best looking game graphically that has ever been made, imho. Charging a bargain bin price at launch would have been an insult to what this game is. This isn't a bargain game at launch looking to cash in on nostalgia, this is a premium game for the modern era, like Resident Evil 2 remake imho. The reviews reflect this, and they aren't just based on the original game being good.

Check it out on metacritic or in person. Either should do a really good job of convincing anyone why this is a premium product.

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