Warframe bullet-jumps to PS5 this Thursday

From PS Blog: "As we put the finishing touches on Warframe to launch on PlayStation 5 this Thursday, I couldn’t help but think about the journey that led us here. The Warframe experience has always been about our relationship with you, the Tenno.

Your love for the bullet-jump, which came from a player-favorite bug called coptering. Your never-ending desire to play as Umbra, a simple skin you inspired us to transform into one of the game’s best cinematic stories. Your artistic passion for customization that brought player-created artwork into Warframe as TennoGen. Your devotion has kept us working late into the night to make Warframe amazing for you."

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Thomaticus52d ago

The King of the Ongoing Games comes to PlayStation 5!

ecchiless52d ago

need to get back to warframe, but genshin is getting my free time right now.

DivineHand12552d ago

Can't wait to experience the changes and I hope they take full advantage of the dual sense. In their PS5 trailer, the plains of eidolon take 10 seconds to load and right now without the update it takes about 19 seconds to load.