Godfall Drops Price from £70 to £60 1-Week After Poor Reviews

The highest priced next gen game was Godfall that pushed the UK price limits to the top end of £69.99 for the base game. We wrote a story a few months ago regarding the pricing and how much it translates to when converting to dollars (over $91).

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GamerBeast198262d ago

It might be worth me checking out when its under £10.

MajorLazer62d ago

Even £10 is a bit much for shovelware.

andybock62d ago

Would be a perfect ps plus game.

DragonWarrior1962d ago

Pretty much the only way I'd check out the game. Download it and play it for a day then delete and forget.

JustTheFax62d ago

One of the only "next gen" games so far too. oh well

SmokinAces62d ago

Bet it ends up on PS Plus.

Darthpaul8462d ago

I won my copy for 43$ on eBay. Enjoying it and have no complaints at that price

62d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.