Gal*Gun Returns Gets Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, And PC Release Date In Opening Movie

PQube announced Gal Gun Returns, on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC-via Steam on February 12.

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Vits53d ago

Haven't played Gal Gun since the original. But I'm likely to get this one on launch if anything to show support to PQube and Inti Creates for not bowing to the will of a certain platform holder.

porkChop52d ago

I'm assuming you're talking about Sony. What happened?

WPX52d ago

I am not 100 % sure myself. But I am willing to bet that is related to Sony's ridiculous anime censoring as of late.

Rachel_Alucard52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Submitting a game to Sony involves taking a risk they might deny release if they decide something is too vial for them. So then you have to go back, spend hundreds of thousands to get it removed, and delay the game for everyone due to parity rules. They have no written guidlines or anything to follow. You'll also sometimes end up with content changes made only to the Playstation version that aren't present in any others, not because of Sony, but because the publisher is scared Sony might deny the release if the content goes through, like the DMC5 scene with the lights, which only got changed after outcry that it was affecting a big title. That incident had nothing to do with Sony, but you can see Capcom was scared of it happening so they took a precaution just in case.

There's also this growing problem where people are only buying high end games on the high end platforms while everyone else isn't selling worth anything anymore. A lot of devs are just going switch and PC now, but even PC doesn't bring much of anything compared to switch. But since Gal Gun is on Xbox you can bet PQube just didn't want to bother dealing with Sony's flip flopping decision making that has scared off multiple studios from ever publishing with them again.

Vits52d ago

Basically Sony has modified its policies regarding content within games and how they should be submitted for approval. The result is that many more "risky" titles ended up having to sanitize themselves if they were to be sold on the Playstation.

The issue with is that most companies that deal with this sort of title are not particularly big or rich. So they found themselves in a complicated situation. What some of them did was to create a completely new version exclusive for the Playstation with some hardcore censorship to appease Sony. I'm particularly not against this solution but it's fairly expensive for the developer to make two games instead of one and there are some rumors that recently they added a parity clause so that would not be possible anymore (that is not confirmed though).

Unfortunately what most companies did was to just create the game from the ground up with Sony policies in mind. So the other platforms also got the sanitized version. And nobody liked that for some obviously reasons. So seeing a company actually taking the risk of sideline the Playstation and avoiding making the experience on the other platforms worst is something to be rewarded.