Check out these Metal Gear Solid themed fashion items by SuperGroupies

Japanese fashion brand Supergroupies has revealed its Metal Gear Solid collaboration.

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Nyxus53d ago

Second batch of Metal Gear Solid merchandise that has been announced in the span of 1 week. Almost makes you hope they're planning something...

GamerBeast198251d ago

God i hope so i would cry with excitement. metal Gear is my fave series ever and have a full room nearly dedicated to the francise. and i actually enjoyed Survive too.

Nyxus51d ago

Nice! I have a Metal Gear collection as well, though not big enough to fill an entire room. :P

If Konami could at least release the HD Collection for current gen systems. Some sort of remake of MGS by Bluepoint (as some rumors indicate) would be welcome as well.

Knushwood Butt51d ago

That backpack is alright but not sure I want to walk around with 'One man army' written on my back!