Demon’s Souls Review – A Genre Reborn | Vamers

There is much to like and enjoy with Demon’s Souls. As a remake, Bluepoint have brought a beloved classic to the future in a rather spectacular fashion. Despite a few technical niggles here and there, and disappointing integration with the DualSense controller, the game offers an otherwise exceptional experience. From the way levels must be tackled strategically, through to how gear must be chosen beforehand, knowing that everything has weight including curatives, is an added stress that players might not realise they wanted from their Soulslike games. Serving to make an already challenging experience even more rewarding, further inciting how this original title truly is the grandfather of all Soulslikes, and for good reason. The Demon’s Souls remake is a masterful experience truly showcasing how its genre-bending tropes led to the creation of the Soulslike experience it is known as today.

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