Unreal Engine 5 to power Dreamhouse: The Game on Xbox One, Series X|S, PlayStation, PC and VR

Neil writes: "Always wanted to build your own house but just haven't had the means to do so? When Dreamhouse - The Game hits both current and next-gen platforms, your dreams will start to become true. And with Unreal Engine 5 powering things along, you should expect a whole host of options made available - photorealistic visuals and physics based destruction for starters."

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Babadook752d ago (Edited 52d ago )

It’s obviously not on ue5 yet either. Only epic is using it till next year.

pingthing52d ago

Can we hide this story somewhere dark and damp before my wife sees it and claims my console as her own. Cheers.👍

Bathyj52d ago

As someonein construction who designs furniture and joinery for a living I'm actually interested in this. I might even claim it on tax. Just kidding ok.

milohighclub52d ago

Seen this article twice now. It'snot even ue5, ue5 doesn't launch til next year