Dreamhouse: The Game is one of the first games using Unreal Engine 5, first screenshots

DeSand Game Studios has announced that Dreamhouse: The Game will be using Unreal Engine 5, and released the first screenshots for it.

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alextdarling252d ago

Contractor Simulator?
Ikea Simulator?

UnSelf252d ago

Gold Trophy: Survive more than a month with an IKEA bed frame

abstractel251d ago

I only know a couple of studios who have their hands on the UE5 alpha. These guys might be targeting UE5, but I really doubt they have it. Much larger studios who want to use it have not been able to get their hands on it. I know some studios who plan on using it based on the info from the demo, but there's so much we don't know yet. We also don't know how stable and ready the engine is for a fully fledged game.

One big question mark is if the XBSS is going to be able to handle it, if UE5 is flexible enough to run on it. This is a big leap in technology, and we know for a fact that the PS5 SSD is part of the reason it works (and I imagine, despite its SSD being slower (simplified statement), the XBSX will be able to handle it too).

Omegasyde251d ago

Silver trophy: Put together 191 piece small bookcase together without stripping screws.

Babadook7251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

I don't believe this is using unreal engine 5 *yet*. That engine is not available to external developers until next year. They say it *will* use ue5, but any game on ue4 can be ported down the road so that doesn't say much.

DJStotty251d ago


UE5 supports last generation consoles PS4 and Xbox One, as well as android and ioS.

So i think Series S can definitely handle UE5

Babadook7250d ago (Edited 250d ago )

"I only know a couple of studios who have their hands on the UE5 alpha."


Only one studio has the UE5 editor. Epic Games. Select companies will have early access next year.

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RaidenBlack252d ago

Multiplayer ??
GOTY 2021

garos82252d ago

i am very excited to see what Unreal engine 5 brings to the next generation. That demo they showed earlier this year was amazing

ClayRules2012252d ago

Yeah, I am as well. Unreal engine 4 did work wonderful for Days Gone with the open world, my is it gorgeous and dense, and scary. Unreal Engine 5’s extremely impressive I wonder, will Bend will go with UE5 for the sequel?

lifeisgamesok252d ago

I think they will. Bend has devs that work very closely with Unreal Engine so they'll know how to get the most from UE5. Days Gone 2 is going to look amazing

ClayRules2012252d ago


I didn’t know they had devs working closely with Unreal engine, that’s great. And yeah, I can only imagine how amazing it’ll look, and how many freakers on screen they’ll be able to bring this time, and how different they’ll react and so on. Can’t wait!

RaidenBlack252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

They didn't even finish the UE4 one ... (UT 2017)
"all developers are assigned to Fortnite related development tasks".

WeAreLegion251d ago


Don't think we'll ever get another proper Unreal Tournament.

chaoticsoulxx252d ago

Unreal tournaments days are gone. See what i did there =D

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