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COD Black Ops Cold War: PS5 vs Xbox Series X - Ray Tracing, 120Hz Mode Tests + Series S Analysis

Black Ops Cold War ranks among the best ways to showcase the next-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X hardware at launch. A strong performing 120Hz mode and ray-traced shadows both feature - in a package that's all round surprising for its polish in its frame-rate delivery. Tom and John team up to pick out the advantages of each console release - and also the fate of the Series S version.

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Ninver99d ago
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mrsolidsteel2099d ago ShowReplies(2)
Ninver99d ago

Interesting how both consoles perform better in certain modes. They failed to mention the ps5 will be getting VRR support in the near future but it was a solid comparison.

alb189999d ago

When the PS5 get VRR they talk about it. They compare what they got on hands.

RaidenBlack99d ago

"Trading blows" I'd say ...
~42fps RT PS5 vs 60fpsRT XSX
120fps PS5 vs ~103fps XSX
ballpark lowest on one platform while the opposition is maintaining the stable cap.

senis_kenis99d ago

@Raiden it's seems to be a bug on ps5 side, because drops are not reproducible (holds solid 60fps in same scene):

RaidenBlack99d ago

Yea, saw the VG Tech comparison. Might be erratic.
Now I am even doubting who has the more accurate analysis tool.

Kornholic99d ago


I can't believe you are getting downvoted for that.

senis_kenis98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

So much for xbox win talk, Digital Foundry confirms it's a bug:

John Linneman :"The drops are very much real but they can be eliminated, it seems, but restarting from checkpoint. Which...kinda sucks? So it's not actually a performance limitation so much as some kind of performance bug."

Sunny_D98d ago

Digital Foundry just retested the PS5 version and found the PS5 version framerate has a bug. They’re finding the framerate will sometimes stay locked on playthroughs and on other playthroughs, it dips. They think the latest patch has something to do with it.

Cockney98d ago

I disagree, they often use the old "expect a patch" to excuse any deficiency shown that doesn't support their narrative.

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shabz66699d ago

It’s all about optimizations I guess.

Ju99d ago

RT seems to pull ahead on the SX Possibly where the compute advantage counts. On high bandwidth modes, interestingly, the PS5 is ahead.

99d ago
Zhipp99d ago

We're literally looking at a game where Series X performs better with RT, though...

OT: This is the first game I've seen on next-gen consoles that really meets what I was expecting from both systems. If you had told me that 60fps cross-gen titles on these new consoles would be dropping to 1440p back when their specs were announced I would not have believed you. This is looking very solid, though. 1800p as a minimum for 60fps mode, low res for performance mode but runs at a very nearly locked 120. Very nice.

WireMucks99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

Maybe RT performs better because there are way more effects on PS5 in general and makes RT computation more expensive in few cut scenes,.. so it actually drops for a few seconds,.. Not a big deal.

Ju98d ago

Whatever it is. In this example the SX has an advantage. I doubt that Activision actually did not optimize for both and if they could have, they'd probably would have implemented it differently for one to match the other more.

But again, the more obvious reason why that could be, is that in lower bandwidth modes one can scale better and vertically which indeed would favor the SX more. Its kinda interesting that a 4k60fps mode is rather considered lower bandwidth in that context. If CUs are somewhat related to RT "cores", then I would imagine that would also scale vertically with the number of CUs on both machines (but that's speculation).

Maybe one day we'll learn more how RT differs on the PS5 vs. SX. Would be really interesting.

Babadook798d ago (Edited 98d ago )

"We're literally looking at a game where Series X performs better with RT, though... "

Unless you restart the PS5. Then the bug is eliminated and it locks 60 fps in the "problem areas". Someone already linked to John from DF's twitter post (look above) admitting the bug. So nothing to do with XSX 18% stronger hardware. If you ever see one of these systems outperform the other by a considerable margin, it is a bug. Unless its I/O related, possibly down the road.

WireMucks98d ago

Why so angry xbox gamers it is a fact SX is missing a lot of effects ,.. or even geometry

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jukins99d ago

I guessbit deserves a mention but honestly I'm sure the people with vrr tvs or monitors are slim

NeoGamer23299d ago

The key thing I have taken away from all these comparisons is that both consoles are pretty much equal. XSX and full PS5 perform pretty much the same most of the time. Dips in performance in either console can be (for now at least) attributed to the OS/Firmware and SDK bugs that are inevitable at the start of every generation. By year two or three I expect both consoles will be performing pretty much the same all the way through.

No secret sauce making one console magically better then the other.


What's not being talked about in this community is the fact that the GDK for SX is missing tools and developers have not had it in their hands no where nearly as long as the PS5's. Once developers can properly optimize for SX then it should outperform the PS5 in every aspect except loading.

fr0sty99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

This is only true on multiplat games where the ps5's ssd speed advantage isn't utilized. If it were possible to load up ratchet and clank on both systems, it would tell a far different tale.

NeoGamer23298d ago (Edited 98d ago )

There has been performance comparisons of SSD for both XB and PS5 and in a practical sense they have not yielded a significant difference.

Yes, there was the Assassin's Creed load demo where the PS5 skipped title screens making it way faster, but when you compare apples to apples, the load times from SSD are pretty much equal. In most of the demos when they were loading the same stuff from SSD the XSX was usually a couple second difference (usually in XSX favor) which to me is nothing.

People keep talking about the SSD difference between the two console but there has not yet been an apples-to-apples comparison where SSD on PS5 has been shown to wildly out perform XSX SSD from a practical sense. For SSD to make a true difference it has to get into the same balk park as memory in performance. neither of the new console's SSDs are anywhere close to memory speeds.

Like a bunch of PS5 fans keep stating with the CPU and GPU. There is more to this then raw power. Pure PS5 fans cannot have it both ways. If the SSD makes a difference then it has to be acknowledged that CPU and GPU raw performance can make a difference too. In everything I've seen so far I don't see any advantage for either console. Load times are similar, framerates are similar, game functionality is similar. I just don't see either console in a situation where it is going to gimp a game in any significant way.

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Father__Merrin99d ago

Although they are same there's dips in small set pieces on both. They shows running down hallway and exploding your rcxd under plane where ps5 dips and series x dips during helicopter segments.

Still the Ps5 takes this. World's most powerful console? A weaker system allegedly? Can't wait for games years down the line

someone7299d ago

Did you even watch the film? They said the series x is better 95% of the time.

Just not by a lot. Series X currently has VRR and maintains a better frame rate in most scenes.

Reality though, anyone getting this game, even on series s, is getting a solid performing title.

blackblades99d ago

Who still say films beside old folks

99d ago
OB1Biker99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

X is 95% of the time at 60 whereas PS5 has a few scenes where it dips in RT mode.
Things are reversed in 120fps mode.
Nothing to brag about tbh other than both are good.
It's still a big L for people pretending there would be a massive gap because of TFLOPS

Darthpaul8499d ago (Edited 99d ago )

Yeah this is definitely a Xbox victory because if Sony won they will spend half the video talking about it. Digital foundry helped count votes for Joe Biden to I think because they are great at trying to misdirected people from truths. Now days resolution don’t matter because the ps5 is getting its ass kicked in that department on every game. But to average less than one third a frame per second more just is game changing. There are much better options for this kind of content out there do yourself a favor and look it up. Also they didn’t cover the game for people on next generation systems using hdmi 2.0. Only one system is offering a pretty much locked 60 FPS and native 4k.

Benficaman99d ago

they Said 95% of the time runs loocked 60. Watch it agian

senis_kenis99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

@someone72 it's a bug on ps5 side, holds solid 60fps in same scenes. Drops are random as DF and VGTech mentioned:

CML299d ago


Good God you sound like the most delusional Xbox fanboy on this entire site. And thats saying A LOT.

99d ago
RaiderNation99d ago

@OB1 is right. Its a similar comparison to DMC 5 where both consoles sort of trade blows with one another in different modes.

I think the real take away here is BOTH consoles are more than capable and regardless of which camp you're in, you should be happy with you're system's performance.

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stiggs99d ago

How did you come to the conclusion that the PS5 "takes this"? You should watch the video again but remove the rose colored glasses.

OB1Biker99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

Very balanced but PS5 DualSense features.
It's in the video. He is objectively right.

Father__Merrin98d ago

Ps5 DF retested video. Now smooth 60 and more lod than series x

chrisoadamson99d ago

The xbox series x skus and development tools were only received by devs a few months ago. These are needed for optimisation. Ps5 equivalents have been available for a lot longer. This is the reason that some games I.e. assasigns creed are running better on ps5 . The next round of games (not rushed launch /cross gen titles) will perform better on the X

SullysCigar99d ago

Except the Devs of Sirt 5 (Codemasters) already debunked that nonsense.

99d ago Replies(2)
RazzerRedux99d ago

Haven't watched yet, but saw some summary on resetera:

-60fps with Raytracing runs better on Series X
-120fps which disables RT runs better on PS5
-Series S looks and runs great at 60fps, no RT option
-They really like the dualsense support on PS5

So a tie?

Atticus_finch99d ago

The tie breaker is that sweet $400 price tag though. Very important detail.

Ju99d ago

Well and I still think the controller. But I can agree in MP only games that's probably less an argument.

phoenixwing99d ago

Razzer it's not a tie if the controller is better. But honestly it doesn't matter the only differences worth mentioning is the controller. Everything else requires an fps counter and other software to notice lol

blackblades99d ago

Saying that would make ps5 win every time.

Ju98d ago

"Saying that would make ps5 win every time."


RazzerRedux98d ago

Controller? Yeah....ok. But a tie is a loss for XSX in every way possible for the "worlds most powerful console".

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 98d ago
Ninver99d ago

I'd say a tie but the dualsense controller automatically makes the ps5 version more appealing.

crazyCoconuts99d ago

It really is awesome on this game

Sunny_D99d ago

Yup. Lots of dual console owners on other forums have had a dilemma where they may now have to buy their multiplats on PS5 because the dualsense is so good. They were originally only going to get multiplats on Series X since MS kept saying games would be best played on Xbox. Guess that was lie.

dumahim99d ago

"-They really like the dualsense support on PS5"

The impression I got is that Tom and John are mixed on it. They both feel it's something to disable during multiplayer because it can slow down your trigger pull. Tom seems to imply that after a while he didn't even notice it until he switched to Xbox and it wasn't there. It's kind of how I felt about 3D. It's neat, but after a while you kind of don't notice it anymore.

Nacho_Z99d ago

Like any quality of life improvement you get used to it eventually, but if you miss it when it's gone that means it's good.

Seems pretty unanimous that it's not ideal for competitive multiplayer but that was never the point of it.

99d ago
angh98d ago

They confirmed that rt ps5 drops is a bug. After scene is restarted the issue is no more, so no performance bottleneck but had coding. Patch will fix this.

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