Borderlands 3 Review (PS5) - PlayStation Universe

PSU Writes: "Borderlands 3 storms onto PlayStation 5 in its definitive form. Read our Borderlands 3 PS5 review to see why the Gearbox Software offering is now essential."

REDGUM1101d ago

Looking good & that 1st loading screen with Claptrap is now super quick compared to the older ps4 version.

1101d ago
BLAKHOODe1101d ago

I finally picked this up for $20. Enjoying it so far. I'd gotten it a long time ago, but I saw it had a season pass and those tend to turn me off paying full price for a game.

Bruh1100d ago

If y'all looking for a good next-gen upgraded title you can pick this up for $10 at Best Buy, def worth the buy at that price

philm871100d ago

Only ever played a small amount of Borderlands games, but really enjoying this. Looks pretty great on PS5.


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Marcello19h ago

Yeah Please SEGA or at least native VR support for Alien Isolation.


Alien VR… you’re sitting on a safe investment opportunity. VR owners are always hungry for new games.

Heck, explore RTS feasibility in VR, too. One hand washes the other…

Don’t chase fortnite.

-Foxtrot15h ago

Alien Isolation II...I beg of you

Continue her story.

Snookies1214h ago

Alien Isolation 2... That's all we need. That's all we've ever needed... The first game was a horror masterpiece!

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VivaChe19h ago

How about the death of E3? That used to be one of the year's gaming highlights, now gone.

DeusFever13h ago

My number 1 is crappy a.i. written clickbait articles from suspect gaming “news” sites.