Returning to World of Warcraft: 10 Years Later

KeenGamer: "With the Shadowlands expansion rolling out today, let's travel back to Azeroth and see what's what. Having stopped playing over ten years ago, there's heaps of content and changes to catch up on. A lot of what will be discussed ain't new to seasoned players, but for many, it's a whole new game."

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zacfoldor64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

I'm not suggesting anyone get into WoW...but it really isn't as complicated as one would guess.

When they release new tiers, basically the old stuff becomes obsolete. You can mostly skip right to the new stuff where the endgame is now. I believe one of the expansion bundles sells a character level boost(that will get you close to max level on one toon), or you can buy a boost in the store that will get your level caught up to the base level of the new xpak(You will still have to level through the new xpak anyway, iirc, so you still have to level the some, you just get caught up to the max level of the PREVIOUS xpak so you can start where everyone else does).

Anyway, it isn't like you need to catch up on 10 years worth of stuff. Many(most, I assume) of the long term players are only playing the new content anyway, which is like its own game within the game, and this houses the end game. Mostly all you missed in those 10 years was cosmetics and achievements as most players would be concerned, imho.

Every xpak I start fresh. Sometimes on a new server. I find a guild, raid, and it is all very well designed to get you back into playing at the top level fast. Thinking there is 10 years worth of content and that it all must be done to "catch up" and play with everyone else, is a fallacy. The game probably wouldn't survive like that anyway. It is very welcoming with new players and has a number of insane catch-up mechanisms.