Team Xecuter confirms Paradox exploit: pimps PS3 Hyperdrive

Team Xecuter has confirmed on their forums that the Paradox PS3 game back up loader works and they will be releasing an adapter for the loader in around three weeks time.....

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calderra4901d ago

Unlike past supposed exploits, this is coming from both Paradox and TeamXecuter- there's still the odd chance of BS, but Xecuter's hyperdrive at least is definately a real product, so it would be weird for them to lie now.

dissectionalrr4901d ago

if this works sony could have the same problem with ps3 that they have with psp. that easily replaceable hdd isn't looking like such a good idea anymore.

DC RID3R4900d ago

got involved, you know it's all over!!

Once the word spreads paradox/TX are @ work, I expect a slight upturn in ps3 sales, as the MAJORITY of PS owners play BACKUP games???

calderra4900d ago

Untrue. PS2's software attach rate and new game sales are still phenominal. Most gamers still play real games.

The real worry for Sony is that this may also turn PS3 into a BluRay copy kit, allowing the entire world to pirate BluRay movies in an instant. This is especially worrisome for the Asian markets, as there really ARE some territories there where pirated copies are (much) more prevalent than real ones.

And then PS3 is region-free for gaming, as well as having Asia and North America in the same region for bluRay compatibility (or did that change?) meaning Asia's copy market could have a much larger influence on North America than it does on other consoles like PS2, where you initially needed to physically sodler a mod chip to play international games.

CLX4900d ago

Game devs are gonna hate this news!!